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For lunch we at a delicious Seafood Platter in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada as part of our special travel food video series focusing on Canadian Cuisine of the Maritimes.

When traveling in Atlantic Canada (know as the Maritimes – including the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia) taking the time to stop and eat fish and chips and/or some kind of assorted seafood platter (typically deep-fried fish, scallops and clams) is an absolute must.

You can find these kinds of fast food take-out fish and chip shops in cities or at popular road stop diners.

Although it is an unhealthy meal it certainly is delicious. We recommend splitting a platter or if you’re really hungry you can each order a set as portions tend to be huge.

High quality fish and chip shops know how to fry the fish to perfection. Overcooking is the worst kind of offense when having this sort of meal, as you want the fish and/or seafood to be as juicy and fresh as possible. Another aspect that separates the good from the bad, is the quality of the batter being used. A good batter is crispy, fresh, flavorful and not too thickly spread.

Video Script:

Time to get some lunch.

Today we are in Fredericton and we thought we’d make a little food video. Since we’re in the Maritimes we are going to be trying some seafood and we’ve come to a restaurant called William’s where we got a seafood platter. That is right here. Let’s unveil. Oh, that looks awesome. First, we have our chips. We’re going to be sharing those. Are we now? I thought those were just for me.

It has fish, clams and scallops.

Have to have lots of ketchup for the fries.

We already have seagulls and pigeons fighting us for the food.

This is a real Maritime treat – deep-fried, artery clogging goodness.

Taste test! First up is the scallop. Alright, I guess it needs a bit of tarter sauce. It feels really hot. This is going to burn my mouth. You can’t have this kind of food without dunking it in the tarter sauce.

Juicy? That is really good. Yeah, it is juicy and tender. I thought it was going to be chewy. For some reason I thought scallops were really hard and chewy but I guess I’ve been having bad scallops all along.

Alright, and these little guys are clams. They’re going for a swim in the tarter sauce. That almost broke off!

Those are so good. Yeah, like you said they’re really tender and anything that is deep-fried usually tastes good.

And usually the combo platter comes with fries. Try them. Greasy fries. They’re good. Better than McDonald’s? Hahaha…I was thinking the same thing.

Of course they are.

And now the star of the meal. The fish.

Wow. I really like the batter they put on this. There is some kind of special recipe or something. This is just really really delicious and this fish just melts in my mouth.

Seriously, that medium platter was not enough. We should have got the large first time. So what did you get this time? Well, round two is just pure fish. This is the large order of fish and chips. Ready to check this out? Yes.

Check out this portion. Wow! Ooh la lah. So much greasy food in one day.

If you’re traveling in Canada – especially in the Maritimes, which includes the provinces of New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland then definitely you have to try the deep-fried fish and I also recommend as we had the scallops, the prawns and anything else they may serve. It always comes with fries and you’ve got to have a cola to wash it down.

Atlantic Canada Seafood Platter in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


  • If the seagulls and pigeons were fighting for it Sam it HAS to be good lol!

    What a fun review.

    Artery-clogging indeed. Eat once in a while unless you have an ambulance handy…to rush you to the hospital after the heart attack 😉

    We grubbed at a pretty good fish and chips place back home. Not as kick butt a spot as you visited in Canada but pretty authentic.

    After eating I felt the need to run for 4 to 6 miles. Keep that blood flowing to prevent fats from blocking my arteries, ha!

    Fun video, fun trip it looks like and fun presentation as always.

    Keep up the great work/play!


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