Backpacking Travel and Packing List

This is my personal backpacking travel list that I use when packing for traveling around the world on an extended trip or journey.

Over the years I’ve refined what I take with me and I’ve adopted the mantra of ‘less is more’ when it comes to desiring a light backpack.

Most of the things I’ve cut out from my personal travel packing list revolve around clothes and toiletries.

One need not carry their entire wardrobe from back home as it is literally back breaking over time.

I recommend taking the following items for warm climate travels:


T-shirts (3-4 with one that is smart / collared)

Long sleeve shirts (only 1-2 pairs)

Shorts (1-2 pairs)

Pants (1-2 pairs)

Underwear (No more than 5-6 pairs)

Socks (only carry a couple of pairs)

Swimming Trunks (optional – you can use your shorts)

Light weight jacket (only one)


Soap – 1 bar

Shampoo – 1 small bottle

Deodorant – 1 stick

Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss


Small Medicine Kit

Gerber (or other multipurpose tool)


I personally carry more than what I would recommend to an average traveler considering I’m a digital nomad; however, if one wanted to be a true minimalist they could only consider taking one smart phone that could be used for taking photos and surfing online with some backup memory cards to store your photos.

Best of luck packing for your travels!

Backpacking Travel and Packing List


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