Backpacking Travel and Packing List

This is my personal backpacking travel list that I use when packing for traveling around the world on an extended trip or journey.

Over the years I’ve refined what I take with me and I’ve adopted the mantra of ‘less is more’ when it comes to desiring a light backpack.

Most of the things I’ve cut out from my personal travel packing list revolve around clothes and toiletries.

One need not carry their entire wardrobe from back home as it is literally back breaking over time.

I recommend taking the following items for warm climate travels:


T-shirts (3-4 with one that is smart / collared)

Long sleeve shirts (only 1-2 pairs)

Shorts (1-2 pairs)

Pants (1-2 pairs)

Underwear (No more than 5-6 pairs)

Socks (only carry a couple of pairs)

Swimming Trunks (optional – you can use your shorts)

Light weight jacket (only one)


Soap – 1 bar

Shampoo – 1 small bottle

Deodorant – 1 stick

Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss


Small Medicine Kit

Gerber (or other multipurpose tool)


I personally carry more than what I would recommend to an average traveler considering I’m a digital nomad; however, if one wanted to be a true minimalist they could only consider taking one smart phone that could be used for taking photos and surfing online with some backup memory cards to store your photos.

Best of luck packing for your travels!

Backpacking Travel and Packing List


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  • Chris says:

    Great video for backpacks. We are portabrace and we are into camera bags, backpacks and cases. We have already created custom cases for major networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX, and The BBC.

  • Barry says:

    Great list mate, we’re the same when it comes to technology – we take a lot but we genuinely use it all! For us its worth the extra weight, but I can see why others dont bother with as much! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lindy says:

    The day pack you carry is perfect for bringing a camera, I’ve got the same!
    I try to bring down the size of my toiletries by taking solids – shampoo, soap, deodorant, and by using items for other purposes (sunscreen? great hair gel!)

  • I do love a good packing list…

  • Travelling light, I see!

    I like to bring things that are on their last legs so I don’t have to wash them and carry them. I also love the weird feeling of satisfaction when I throw out things and make my bag “lighter”. Not really, because I probably filled it with souvenir crap.

  • OCDemon says:

    I love playing the ultralight game. If I can’t carry it onto the plane, I don’t carry it at all.

  • Abby says:

    The last time I backpacked for more than a week or so, was pre-electronics. Literally, we had nothing with us but a cheap camera. I remember renting a cell phone in Ibiza so we could make plans with people. So strange!

  • John says:

    I am basically carrying everything on my back right now, plus a smaller backpack. Moving day is not exactly fun, but I have gotten somewhat used to it. When I eventually leave Europe though and head to Asia, I will be shipping stuff home first.

  • shubhajit says:

    Nice video. You are a permanent [digital] nomad, so often you pack light. For people who travel regularly but not nomads have to carry certain things that are often ignored by nomads. I guess with experience you’ve understood the utility of things, for example i think money belt is useless accessories, also lots of electronic items with camera lenses etc. (unless you are a professional photographer).

    In my case it is always a bit difficult because I most of the time travel to Himalayas or mountains where I have to pack heavy with woolens. Moreover, I carry my tent (weigh 2 .5kg) and sleeping bag.

  • Alison says:

    I have to add a couple more important items:

    1. A headlamp or flashlight – for finding stuff in your dorm room when you stumble in at 3am from a night out, or are gathering things to leave for an early flight. No one likes the early bird who turns on the light!
    2. Nail Clippers – ingrown and broken nails can cause a serious halt in your travels, especially if they get infected. Proper hygiene is important for health reasons!

    Other than that I agree, less is more.

  • Great video and list dude. I’ve my sights set on a pair of those pick pocket shorts as well. Are they light(ish)? The functionality they offer is what really appeals to me.

  • Turtle says:

    Ah, now, you see I had great plans of packing light and only taking a few changes of clothes and all of that. But every time I can’t be bothered to do the laundry I go and buy another short and another pair of underwear. So now I’ve got 14 days worth of clothes and my pack has ballooned to 12 kilos. Still… it does save me doing washing all the time!! 🙂

  • Elle of Solo Female Nomad says:

    Hey! Great list! What I found the most useful was a sink plug (for the all important laundry) and an internal door lock.

  • I like to bring lots of long-sleeve shit too. 🙂

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