VIDEO: Bamboo Train in Battambang

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On the final day of the Khmer New Year we woke up early to take a tuk-tuk tour starting with a ride on the bamboo train (known as a norry or nori ណូរី) just outside of Battambang, Cambodia. Run by a six horse power engine, these makeshift improvised rail vehicles are made out of bamboo where a small mat is placed for sitting down. Being so low to the ground and running up to speeds of 50 kilometers an hour, you really feel as though you’re humming along the old rickety tracks. During our journey we noticed many rural homes, animals (such as dogs, cats, cows and chickens) and Khmer locals. The scenic journey showcased numerous kinds of landscapes including farmland and lush green jungle. Along the way we made a stop at a small village where our bamboo train was turned around so that we could make the journey back on the same track. It’s a good idea to go early before there are too many trains clogging the track. The cost is $5 per person and you can insist to have your own ‘bamboo train’ as opposed to sharing with others. It’s well worth the ride!

Video Script:

Today we’re going to be having a special experience. We are taking a bamboo train along these old tracks that used to run from Phnom Penh all the way to Battambang.

This train is really just a bamboo platform with a few mats laid over top. It has a six horsepower engine and we’re going to be speeding through and see what we find.

We’re on the bamboo train in Battambang! Having fun? Yes.

It’s going really really fast. Oh yeah!

Taking the Bamboo Train in Battambang, Cambodia

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  • lyn barden says:

    Way to go on a bamboo train! I too enjoyed the fun of a ride on the bamboo train through the jungle to a small village. It was a bit of fun except it rained, and rained.

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