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In this travel video we take a long tuk-tuk journey to explore Banteay Srei at the Temples of Angkor, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia nearby the hill of Phnom Dei. Waking up early at 4:40 am we were hopeful we’d be one of the first people to arrive to the temple before it became flooded with tourists. We were pleasantly shocked (more like ecstatic) over the fact we were indeed the first to arrive! This temple is one of the more elaborate and decorative and was a complex we didn’t want to share with lots of other tourists all at the same time. Having the chance to explore by ourselves allowed us to capture things we never would have had we came later. For example, we were given access to a VIP tour of normally gated off areas. All in all, this was easily one of our favorite temples.

Video Script:

Waking up early in the morning certainly has its advantages. We are the first people to arrive at this temple Banteay Srei.

This is one of the temples we’ve been most excited to visit and we are officially the first ones here.

Here we are inside the temple. This happens to be a Hindu temple and it is dedicated to the God Shiva.

Most of the temples of Angkor were commissioned by powerful Kings but this temple in particular was not. It was commissioned by a Brahman, which makes it quite unique.

Because we came here early we got a VIP tour. Normally these areas are gated off as you can see by the white perimeter here and the rope. Look at where we are – Yeah!

The advantages of being the first on site can’t be underestimated. I mean, anything to avoid those package tourists is a good idea.

There are many temples to choose from but this one in particular Banteay Srei is considered to be the crown jewel of Angkorian art because it has some of the most exquisite and intricate carvings.

This temple is located very far away from Siem Reap. We had to travel over an hour in a tuk-tuk and I slept most of the way but I hear it was a very scenic journey. Yes?

Along the way we passed a lot of rural villages. We saw locals out doing various kinds of activities early in the morning – some farming related and some business. We saw bikes packed to the total brim full of stuff. We saw a lot of different things and it was just a really cool trip to get out here.

Banteay Srei Temple in Cambodia

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