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This is a travel video of us visiting the Batu Caves and then feasting on a glorious Indian meal in an area that is 13 km north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Visiting the temples at an early time of the day turned out to be blessing as we beat all of the tour groups to the Batu Caves. Prior to climbing the 272 steps we noticed a huge flock of pigeons feeding nearby. Monkeys were everywhere scurrying about and generally being cheeky while eating, fighting and breeding. Once to the top we noticed quite a few chickens and rosters feeding inside. After a short time we could hear Hindu traditional music from several talented musicians. Finally, we rewarded ourselves with a glorious Indian feast. The final clip is of a time lapse sequence near the main entrance of the Batu Caves.

Video Script:

It is bright and early. It is only seven twenty in the morning and I’ve been dragged out of bed by someone to go visit the Batu Caves early in the day. How are we getting there? We are taking the commuter train from KL Sentral. One Ringgit each. It was cheap!

Today we are visiting the Batu Caves. It is only 13 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur and this is an important Hindu shrine.

The caves takes its name from the Batu River and is dedicated to Lord Murugan.

It looks like it is feeding time for the pigeons over here.

Who said money or food couldn’t buy you friends.

Here I am on step number one. I’ve only got two hundred and seventy two more of these bad boys to climb.

There are lots of macaques or little monkeys. This is my first time seeing monkeys up close so it is all that I’m taking pictures of at the temple.

Finally two hundred and seventy two steps later we have made it to the top.

This is actually my third time coming to the Batu Caves but this is by far the earliest I’ve come and what a difference it makes. There is hardly anyone here and it feels like we have the place to ourselves. We’ve had intimate encounters with pigeons, monkeys, roosters and there is a performance going on. My tip to anyone is to come early.

We beat the first tourist bus here. Look at them coming. Hahaha!

Now we are rewarding ourselves with a vegetarian Indian feast. I swear I must have lost half of my water (body weight) going up and down those Batu Caves.

I ordered myself a delicious roti which I’m going to enjoy right now. I am starving.

Masala Chai!

Visiting the Batu Caves


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