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We never need an excuse to taste test chocolate; however, having a chance to devour artisan Belgian chocolate for the first time was truly a special occasion for us in Bruges, Belgium. We grabbed a little assorted goody bag full of chocolates and found a local park to sample them. Come find out whether they live up to their reputation or not.

Video Script:

Bahhhh. Bahhhh. So it is time for our last taste test here in Belgium, so we stopped by a chocolate shop to pick up some hand made chocolate. And the Belgians actually used to have a colony in Africa, so that meant cocoa beans, and plenty of time to perfect the art of chocolate making. So that means today they are one of the leading experts in chocolate production, so today is a chocolate taste test. So here are all the chocolates we have purchased. We only have nine, but we are two people, so that might be a bit of an issue. We’ll see who gets number nine. And also, we’re actually doing this taste test at a local park that has sheep, so if you hear bahhh in the background, that’s them and not us. Wait a minute, that’s actually not true, sometimes it is us. Bahhhhh.

Okay, so time to make your first selection. The neat thing is we got a little assorted goodie bag, so we really don’t know what kinds they are, we’re just going to try them and see what it is. But I have a feeling this first one I’ve selected is coffee flavoured. It has a little coffee bean. Yeah, that kind of gives it away. Yeah, start with an easy one, right? Is it coffee? It is. Wow, it’s so rich and creamy. Not the healthiest way to start our day, but definitely tasty. Okay, so I have a feeling this one right here is coconut. The shredded coconut kind of gives it away. Mmmm, and it also has a nice creamy feeling. Feeling, filling. A nice creamy filling. Maybe a creamy feeling in your mouth. Mmmmm. That’s really good, it’s just really rich and milky. It’s good chocolate. Alright, I’m going to try what appears to be the first dark chocolate. Ooo, it has a filling! Peppermint. Mint? Oh, I like that, but I don’t like dark chocolate so maybe you can have it. Haha, wow, that’s a really good peppermint chocolate. Much better than like After Eight or Junior Mints or any of that kind of stuff. Okay, so I’m going for this one. It kind of looks like a little dome. I’m guessing there’s filling inside. Aww, I was hoping for strawberry. What is it? Mmm, chocolate fudge in the middle. Still good, I was just hoping for strawberry.

You know what wasn’t terribly clever on our part? We didn’t bring water. Alright I’ve got a tiny teddy bear shaped chocolate, and teddy you are very cute, but I’m going to eat you. Sorry about that. Okay, oh wow. This has, like, this is the one you wanted. It’s got a fruit flavoured jam. Oh my gosh! And you didn’t even bite it in half to share. There you go. I win, you lose. That’s so sad. So I’m going for a white chocolate. Mmm, I don’t know what that is. Can you guess? It’s not coffee. Maybe it’s praline? Might be praline. Okay, I’ve got one that’s shaped like a leaf now. Mmm, it’s all over your lips. It’s not mint. Again, I’m not entirely sure what this is. It’s got kind of a… Coconut? No, it’s not coconut. I would say it’s more of a, it’s got a bit of a, fruity taste. I’m saying it’s going to be peach cream. It’s different, but good. So this is going to be my first dark chocolate. I’m usually not a fan, but this one looks really pretty, and it’s got the city’s main attraction painted in gold. There’s the bell tower. Mmm, there’s something in it. I think that’s marzipan. Probably, I’ve been noticing a lot of marzipan chocolate around. Ughhhhh. And it has that nasty dried fruit that they put in that Christmas cake. Oh I love that, I love that stuff! It’s like old lady candy. Ugh!

Since we kind of have a hard time sharing, we’re going to do – what? Rock, paper, scissors! Put your hand out. Rock, paper scissors. Kai, bai, bo. Ahhhh! You get the chocolate. You know, I’m going to share it though. Haha, because, ha, I have to put up with you afterwards. No, you’re probably just full. You’ve had too much chocolate. That’s why you’re willing to share. That’s what it is. Okay, last one. Mmm, that’s white chocolate with cream. Mmm, a lot of cream. Now I’m going to have a bit of the cookie. Yum! And because I’m such a nice guy, a nice hubby, I’m leaving half of it for you. Mmm, that’s nice. Thank you darling!

So there’s just something about European chocolate that sets it apart from any other chocolate I’ve had elsewhere. Belgian chocolate is no different, and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s so milky. So creamy. There’s so many different flavours. It’s going to be hard to have a normal chocolate bar after this. Price point! Okay, so for these handmade chocolates, and we got 9 little chocolates, we paid 3 Euros and 95 cents, which I think is a pretty good price because it was in a touristy part of town, and I mean, these are outstanding chocolates. So keep that in mind and if you’re ever in Bruges, get yourself some chocolates.

Belgian chocolate taste test in Bruges

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  • Pevy says:

    Belgian pralines are the best! Its not just the chocolate, but fillings as well, what makes it awsome… There is so many chocolatier all over the Belgium. I’ve been on a chocolate tour there and even those less famous chocolatiers make superb tastes.

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