VIDEO: Eating Belgian Fries in Bruges

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Did you know it was in Belgium and not France where ‘French Fries’ originated? Here in Bruges we’ve been trying the ‘original’ fries which are thickly cut and served with a generous side of mayo. Aside from mayo you can choose between close to 20 different sauces for your fries! Our tip is to also request an order of curry ketchup sauce to devour this tasty snack.

Video Script:

So we have a very exciting taste test coming up today. We are in Bruges, Belgium and that means we have to try Belgian fries. Not French fries. So let’s get a look at that and then I’m going to give you a bit of the history behind it.

So there is a bit of a heated debate about whether fries or French fries or Belgian fries. Where exactly did they originate? So our tour guide yesterday was telling us that apparently during World War I there were a lot of British and American soldiers who were between Belgium and France and sometimes they didn’t know what country they were in. All they knew is that they could hear French being spoken. So they assumed we must be in France and these must be French Fries. And that is how french fries got their name. But the Belgians believe they were the first to invent this dish and therefore it should be called Belgian fries. I don’t really care if they are French or Belgian. All I know is that they are delicious. So I’m ready to dig in to my lunch.


So so good.

Okay, so tell us about the dressings on these Frites. So over here the main dressing is mayonnaise if you can believe it. And check out that enormous. Generous amount of mayo. Enormous portion of mayo.

And then the other sauce that we got over here is curry ketchup. And what is really cool is when you go to these frites stores, these french fry stores you have all different kinds of sauces you can choose from. There is maybe like 20 different kinds. And you have to pay for them but ‘hey’ it is good.

So let’s go in for a bite. Alright, I’m taking a curry ketchup and I am dunking it into the mayonnaise.

Oh, adventurous. Double sauce adventure.

Wow. Yeah, that is like taking french fries to a whole new level.

It is absolutely delicious. And something that is really neat about these fries is that they are a thicker cut then what we are used to having.

Okay, we are really bad for devouring food but I this like breaks a new record. These were done in like what twenty, thirty, forty seconds as opposed to minutes.

It was so good. I’m so sad we finished it so quickly.

But my favorite sauce definitely the curry ketchup. I know that is not traditionally Belgian but I tried it the first time when I had currywurst in Berlin and it is so nice having ketchup with curry and I love it with my fries. So I recommend trying that if you get the chance. Yeah, I have to agree with you but they also taste really good mixed together as well.

Okay, so price point. How much can we expect to pay for these delicious fries? So we got a medium portion and we paid about 3.50 Euros but if you get a large you can expect to pay maybe 4 and if you get a small you can expect to pay about 2.

Another thing to keep in mind is these shops are all over the city. All you have to do is look for the French Fry symbol. On the maps. The maps show you where to get fries.

Belgian Fries taste test in Bruges, Belgium

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