VIDEO: The Best Pizza in Buenos Aires!

The Best Pizza in Buenos Aires!

On a quest for the best pizza in Argentina we headed over to El Cuartito to order five slices of different pizza pie. We ended up getting fugazetta, Neapolitana, ham and pepper, anchovy and vegetarian slices. Come find out to see if this is really the best pizza in Buenos Aires!

The Best Pizza in Buenos Aires!

The Best Pizza in Buenos Aires!

Travel Video: The Best Pizza in Buenos Aires!

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Video Script:

So we are on a bit of a pizza mission this afternoon. Sam had a very disappointing meal in Boca and he’s been sulking ever since. So pizza will cheer him up.

We’re back in our neighborhood. We’re staying in Recoleta and there is a pizza place that was recommended to us by our Airbnb host. So we are here and it is called El Cuartito and we’ve ordered five different slices of pizza. This should be good. Are you happy, Sam? Yes.

So you know this place is going to be good because it has been approved by an Italian. Correct. Yes, our Airbnb host, one of her friends from Naples, Italy came here. And that place is known for pizza. And she said this was the best pizza she has ever had, so I have super high expectations. And I always love getting recommendations from locals. We often find that the best restaurants, the best food we ever had is from those kinds of recommendations. So this is exciting. Oh, yes. Pizza time. Very exciting. Pizza time.

And those are five sexy delectable slices of pizza. Will this make up for today’s lunch? I think it might. Woo hoo.

So Sam is going for the Fugazetta. This thing looks like a thing of beauty. It’s got mozzarella, double cream cheese and onions. Oh, I’ve never had pizza with cream cheese before. So let’s dig right in there. That looks so cheesy. That is like the cheesiest pizza I’ve ever seen. I know, I know.

Look at the look on his face. Look at those eyes. That is insanely good. Insanely good. That is just like cheese explosion. That is for any kind of cheese lover this is like the best moment of his or her life.

So I’m pretty excited for this one. Look at that thick tomato sauce. Thick thick tomato sauce and anchovies on top. This is going to be good my friends. The anchovies fell off. Ah! There we go. Any anchovy lovers out there? Mmmmm.

Anchovies are always super salty so it has a real salty kick to it. And of course a bit of a fishy flavor. Haha.

That’s good. I know anchovies are not a favorite with everyone but I do enjoy it on pizza.

So time for slice number three. Yes, and this one over here is a vegetarian pizza. Yeah. And apparently it comes with an alfredo sauce so I’m really looking forward to that. Yeah, this is a bit unusual. No tomato sauce on this one. Just a cream based sauce. It looks like there is tonnes of spinach. Maybe a bit of onions oozing out. Popeye. Mmmm. That is really unique. It is very different to not have a tomato sauce or even more of a cheesy sauce. This tastes a bit more like a lasagna. It does. Exactly. It tastes like a bit of a creamy lasagna. Oh, let’s get a closer look at that. Cheesy.

Okay, slice number four. This one is called Napolitana and it has tomato sauce but it also has slices of fresh tomato on top. And two different kinds of cheese. Provincial and Parmesan. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

Okay and the last one. And this lonely little last pizza slice. Actually it is anything but little. This one has ham, pepper and loads of mozzarella. So let’s give that a try. Dig right in. Oh yeah, big slice. He eats like a caveman. This one is one of my favorites. Like this is a winning combo. Oh yeah. That mozzarella is awesome. It is just so much piled on. So fresh, so tasty. And the ham is really tasty as well too. And I like the look of the pepper. Like in North America they usually give you those thin slivers. But here it is like a big slice. Just slap it right on. Slap it right on. Oh yeah.

Final thoughts. Final thoughts. The pizza was amazing. The place is backed and it is at a great price.You can get each slice for $2 Canadian dollars which is a really good deal and those are like really thick slices with lots of cheese. So I would highly recommend it. Come, check it out. El Cuartito. This may be the best pizza in Buenos Aires. I think so.

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