VIDEO: Bicycle Ride in Siem Reap

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On our last day in Siem Reap, Cambodia we woke up early to go on a bicycle ride around town, specifically exploring along Siem Reap River covering both the scenic city area on the right hand side and the rural countryside on the left. Paying just $1 each to rent bikes from our guest house, we hopped on the rickety old bicycles trying to beat the heat and humidity early in the morning. We first passed Temple Garden where we were politely told to get off of bikes and walk. We then hit Siem Reap river where we continued our journey passing inanimate statues of elephants and other animals while encountering a dead rat, Khmer men sleeping on benches and some locals fishing and splashing in the river. Once we crossed the covered bridge we were on the rural side of the city. The Khmer locals were very warm and friendly to us waving and saying hello. As the only foreigners in the area they seemed surprised to see us pedaling alongside them so early in the morning. Overall, it was a great way for us to spend our last morning in Siem Reap and we’d highly recommend it to you as well.

Video Script:

Hello! We’re up bright and early again. It is probably about seven in the morning and today we are doing a biking tour of Siem Reap.

Here we are at our first stop ‘temple garden’ and we were just politely kicked off our bikes, so a good tip if you’re taking your bike you can not explore the temple garden with it. You’ll have to get off and walk.

Now we are along the banks of the Siem Reap river which runs through the heart of the city and we are just going to be cycling the length of it. You can see a lot of things along the river. There is a man over there fishing.

Elephants! They’re just statues.

Here we are biking along the river. Sam of course is way ahead because he has giant legs. Oh, there he is.

Now that we’ve crossed the other side of the river we’ve gone from hotels and restaurants to more rural style Cambodian homes.

Hello, lady!

Puppy, hi!

We’ve been biking past lots of little communities along the side of the river and the kids have been really friendly so far. They keep running up to us and just waving ‘hello’ and trying to chat with these foreigners, so let’s keep going.

Bicycle Ride in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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