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So far in Warszawaa, Poland we’ve been enjoying hearty meals typically rich in portions of meat and potatoes. Continuing with this theme we tried Bigos, after a recommendation from a Polish born man now living in the US, which is known as Hunter’s Stew consisting of fermented cabbage, sauerkraut (known locally as kapusta kiszona), Polish sausage (kielbasa) and various other kinds of vegetables and meats. Upon first glance it is not the most appealing looking dish; however, it is really tasty and flavorful with a strong sour flavor due to the fermented cabbage. If you’re in Warszawa, or anywhere in Poland for that matter, be sure to try Bigos!

Video Script:

So it is lunchtime over here and we are in Warsaw’s old town. Today we are going to be sampling something called Bigos which is a traditional Polish dish. And it consists of different meats and cabbage. So we’ve just ordered our food and now we’re waiting for it to get here.

So tell us the tail of how we learned about Bigos. While we were traveling on the train from Berlin to Warszawa were met this Polish guy who spent a lot of time in the US. And basically he was raving about this Bigos. This Hunter’s stew. So this is the reason why we’re trying. A recommendation from a local basically.

Alright, so my lunch has arrived. Low and behold here is my Bigos. And this may look like a small portion but that is just because I ordered it as an appetizer. And you can normally get it in a bread bowl or you can get it with a side of potatoes. I got some sliced bread here in the basket so I’m going to be trying that. And also, I’ve learned that no two Bigos recipes are the same. It is basically just a mix of different cuts of meat. You can have beef, veal, pork, venison, rabbit. Whatever you want to throw in there it works.

So I’ve got a nice fork full of cabbage and some kind of meat. Let’s see if I can decipher what it is.

Okay. That is really good. The cabbage it almost tastes a little bit fermented but it is not as strong as sauerkraut.

And the meat, I think it might be beef. It’s a familiar flavor.

So time for your first fork full. Yeah!

Yeah, you’re right. That is really good. I like that is has a bit of sour taste. That is really appealing for me.

And what is cool about Bigos is that it literally means big mess, big confusion and so if you look down here that is exactly what it looks like. It just looks like a hodgepodge of all different kinds of things. Vegetables, meats, cabbage. And that is exactly what Bigos is.

Okay, so apparently Bigos is the kind of dish that you can refrigerate. And then reheat and that is meant to make the flavors a lot stronger. And it is also the kind of dish that keeps on giving. So that means if you start running low you can just add some cabbage, add some meat and make it last for a week.

Alrighty, so that was delicious. What is the price point for the Hunter’s Stew? So if you want to pickup the Hunter’s Stew while you’re in Poland you can expect to pay the equivalent of five to seven Euros. And definitely we recommend it. It’s delicious and it is very hearty and just an awesome meal.

Eating Bigos 'Polish Hunter's Stew' in Warsaw

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