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When we first arrived in Belfast we asked some locals what kinds of Irish dishes would be worth trying. One of the most highly recommended was Boxty, consisting of grated and mashed potato fried in a pan, that was readily available in local pubs. Come join us as we sample this dish for the first time.

Video Script:

So today we’re up in Belfast and we’re trying a traditional Irish and Northern Irish dish. This is called Boxty. And it is basically made with grated potato that is mixed with mashed potatoes and fried in a pan. So Sam and I have ordered to different varieties and we’re going to be digging into those because they just arrived and we’re so hungry.

So I got boxty with ham, cheese and an egg. A fried egg on top. So let’s have a taste of this. It’s still steaming. Mmmm. Oh! Hahaha.

You silly goose.

It tastes like fried mashed potatoes.

So if I had to compare this dish to anything from back home in North America I would say it is kind of similar to a hash brown except it is a lot thicker and potato is a bit softer. But I mean it is still fried, mashed and grated potatoes. So it’s good. Heavy on the carbs, pretty tasty. I like that is comes with different toppings and I could honestly eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So it works anytime of day.

Alright, and what do you have over here? So mine is the pulled pork with an apple sauce. Apple chutney. What do you think? It’s so good. I love that. I love any kind of potato dish that is fried and then you add some pulled pork to that. Yum! Magic!

So there is a little rhyme that goes along with Boxty and it goes a little something like this. Boxty on the griddle, boxty on the pan. If you can’t make boxty you can’t get a man.

I don’t know how to make boxty but I somehow landed Sam. So. I must have low standards huh? Uh!

So if you take a look at my pint over here you might be thinking I’m having Guinness. It does look a lot like Guinness but in fact it is Belfast Black. And I have to say it tastes just as good if not better.

What do we have for dessert? Well, well we couldn’t resist getting a Baileys coffee.

I think they it the creme cafe.


I think I got mostly cream in that sip.

You’ve got a whipped cream mustache over there.

That’s hot. I keep burning myself today.

One more sip.

You’re taking all of the cream. You’re a cream thief.

Cream thief!

Your turn. I’ll share.

So what is your dessert? And what we’ve got down here is an Irish Whiskey chocolate truffle. Oh la lah.

The question is does it taste like Whiskey? A bit. Oh my gosh that is so decadent. That’s as thick of a piece of pie you’re ever going to have. It does look decadent. One more shot because it is just so beautiful. Look at that. Look at that cake.

Alright guys, sticky toffee pudding with ice cream. Ice cream. Because we’re epic pigs. No?


That is nice. Could you get used to that?

So it’s a nice fluffy warm cake and I think it is fresh right out of the oven.

To wrap things up we ate a lot of food but we’re just going to focus on the price of the Boxty which was six pounds each. Pretty decent value unless you convert it into Canadian dollars. But other than that it was a really good pub meal. When you’re in Ireland or in Northern Ireland try your boxty.

Eating Boxty - Irish Potato Pancakes - in Belfast


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