VIDEO: Bye Korea

This travel video is of us packing up all of our belongings (putting them into a backpack) and moving out from our apartment in Dongbaek, Yongin, South Korea to travel the world!

For months, we’ve had a date circled on the calendar. When something seems so far away at the time (which it did) it’s surreal for the date/time to finally arrive.

As much as we’ve enjoyed our time in Korea we’re backpackers at heart and our minds have always focused on the trip we’ve been planning to take.

In this travel video, we show you how we fit all of our travel gear into our backpacking backpacks.

It’s probably quite evident that we’re rusty at backpacking our backpacks given we haven’t traveled or left Korea in over a year.

As backpackers, we needed to eliminate a lot of stuff (mostly winter clothes) to pack as little as possible.

This meant we had a huge to do list that included visiting a Korean post office to ship our things back to Canada.

The end of a teaching contract in Korea is always the most hectic because you’re still expected to teach all of your regular classes; however, you have the added responsibilities of dealing with your contract, closing your bank account, working out your pension refund and clearing out your apartment.

As much as we’d like to admit we’re always on top of this kind of things, it’s far from the truth. Scrambling last minute we barely were able to get everything done on time.

We’re currently off to travel in Malaysia on an indefinite trip, which should see us spending most of the year (if not the entire year) in Asia.

We both couldn’t hide or enthusiasm by doing silly dances while wearing our backpacks. If that’s not the worst dancing you’ve ever seen I’m thoroughly shocked.

We’ll miss our time in Korea and have fond memories but now we’re doing exactly what we want by traveling the world!  Ciao Korea!

Our last video from Korea as we pack and move out from our apartment

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