Camping in a Bedouin Tent

Sleeping in a Bedouin tent, dancing, singing, smoking hookah and riding camels in Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Video Script:

Singing and chanting noises by Bedouin men.
More singing and chanting sounds.
That’s our dinner being dug up.

We had a big communal meal that was cooked in the sand. It was really cool watching the Bedouins dig it up and take it out. Extract it from the earth.

So here we are in a little Bedouin camp. Last night we spent the evening in the desert and we’re just waking up. The sun is not up yet but we can hear the camels growling in the back.

Argilah. Egypt Sheesha. Jordan Algelah.
Smoking and bubble noises.
Bubble noises.

Yella Yella, it’s time to go and this is our transportation for breakfast. We’re riding camels to a site where we’re going to have some food. Oooh.

Audrey’s first time on a camel. Well done. Enjoying that? Yeah. How do you feel being on the camel? Very mighty. You’re really high up.
Laughing. It’s so funny. Are you having fun? Yeah. You were born to ride camels Audrey.

Growl noise in slow motion.

Right now we’re at the Captains tent and we rode our camels over here. It was about 30 minutes to reach our breakfast destination and we are all very sore. Especially our inner thighs. I feel as though I was tenderized.

Camping with Bedouins in Jordan

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