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The confessions of an addict…

Visiting our third cat cafe in Asia, I think it is safe to say we’re addicted at this point. I’m not sure where we can turn for help but it is rather apparent that we need some.

In all seriousness, we jumped at the opportunity to visit the recently opened Purrfect Cat Cafe in the heart of George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

As cat lovers we just can’t get enough of these places. Compounded by the fact we’re digital nomads, it is no wonder we keep checking out new cat cafes when we can’t have a pet of our own these days.

Two years ago, when I first visited a cat cafe in Seoul, Korea not many people had heard of these novelty coffee shops; however, these days I’m constantly hearing more about new ones popping up all over the world.

I suppose purchasing overpriced drinks and food for the opportunity to pet furry little felines is becoming all of the rage.

This particular cafe was much smaller than previous ones we had visited. One of the positive aspects was the cozy environment and lack of people; however, there were less cats to play with and the majority of them were sleeping in a zone where we weren’t allowed to touch them.

The food itself was decent and not as overpriced as in other cat cafes. Overall, we’d recommend going; however, you ought to take my recommendation with a grain of salt because I’d do just about anything to spend an afternoon petting adorable kitties.

Video Script:

Visiting Purrfect Cat Cafe in Georgetown – Penang, Malaysia – marked our third cat cafe outing in Asia. Previously we had visited one in Seoul, South Korea and another one in Bangkok, Thailand.

The format for this recently opened cat cafe is similar to the two others we visited. For the opportunity to spend time with cats you have to purchase 18 Ringgit (the equivalent of six dollars) worth of snacks, desserts and/or drinks.

You can freely pet and play with the cats but picking them up or entering their sleep zone is not permitted.

This particular cat cafe had its strong and weak points. A smaller and more intimate space was certainly a bonus; however, there were less cats to play with and many of them were sleeping in the no people zone.

Overall, we’d recommend the Purrfect Cat Cafe as a fun afternoon outing to escape the stifling heat and humidity of typical day in George Town.

Visiting the Purrfect Cat Cafe in Georgetown - Penang, Malaysia


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