VIDEO: Central Market Hoi An

This travel video showcases the bustling Hoi An Central Market (Chợ Hội An) during its frantic pace early in the morning in the Old Town quarter section of Hoi An, Vietnam. When it comes to visiting local markets I’ve often found the best time to wander around is early in the morning.

Sauntering out of our guesthouse at 6:30 AM we decided to visit Central Market – a short 15 minute walk away from where we were staying.

Upon arriving we noticed a sea of local ladies adorning conical hats frantically moving about. The market reminded me a lot of the ones I visited while traveling in China two years ago – especially from Dali and Lijiang.

This local market is filled to the brim with small outdoor stalls selling everything from fresh produce to fish. There are also more touristy items available for purchase; however, unlike the central market in Siem Reap, it is still mostly catered towards locals.

It’s a travel photographer’s dream given that one could literally just stand there are fire away. For a while I had felt as though I was in a bit of a photography funk not having taken or posting photos in a while. Coming to this market and shooting away to my heart’s content was exactly what I needed to revive my stagnant creative juices.

In the covered section of the market, one can find a collection of local eateries selling delectable local dishes, such as Cao Lau and White Rose. Eating local dishes from the market is a lot cheaper than going to a proper restaurant. For those on a budget or interested in rubbing elbows with locals, this is certainly the way to go.

As always, we recommend coming early before tourists converge. We were the only visibly noticeable foreigners for the first 30 minutes of our wanderings.

Central Market located in Ancient Hoi An, Vietnam Travel Video


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