VIDEO: Cheonggyecheon in Seoul, Korea

In this travel video we visit the Cheonggye stream (Cheonggyecheon – 청계천 – 淸溪川) in downtown Seoul to take a stroll down one of the most scenic and pedestrian friendly areas of the city.

Located in the heart of Seoul, it’s a pedestrian friendly area that is enjoyed by both Koreans and tourists alike.

This is my favorite ‘green’ and/or pedestrian friendly initiative in the city. When I was first visiting Seoul in 2004, the project hadn’t quite been completed and there weren’t many great walking areas in the traditional downtown area.

It’s a great place to go people watching. One of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Seoul overlooked the Cheonggyecheon where we could see Korean businessmen scurrying back and forth during their lunch breaks.

Aside from just people walking you’ll notice many Koreans exercising (especially jogging) along the Cheonggye stream – even in subzero temperatures!

If you’re look carefully enough you’ll at times be able to spot wildlife such as ducks.

Although this area is typically crowded during warmer months we have it nearly to ourselves on this cold winter day.

As we walk along we notice some artificial Korean ice sculptures and Korean murals with traditional Korean music playing out of speakers in the background.

Unlike in other Asian countries, Christmas is a big deal in Korea and no city in the country celebrates it more than Seoul.

Crossing the stream is easy, as there are many pedestrian bridges and stepping stones at various vantage points.

With a new camcorder in hand I decided this was the perfect place to try recording some time-lapse sequences.

Overall, it was a great experience but we didn’t stay very long because of the chilly winds.

We definitely recommend visiting the Cheonggyecheon as one of the top things to do in Seoul as it is one of the top attractions in Korea.

We decided to throw a coin and make a wish along with others. What is one thing you’re wishing for this year?

Walking along the Cheonggyecheon on chilly winter day in Seoul, Korea

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