VIDEO: Chiang Mai Sunset Time-Lapse

In our most recent travel video from Thailand we’re treated to gorgeous scenic sunset views from the balcony of our apartment in Chiang Mai which we’ve attempted to capture with this time-lapse sequence. Since we moved into our residential apartment in Chiang Mai nearly a month ago, we’ve been wonderfully delighted that we have such a fantastic view from our balcony. Aside from sunrises, sunsets, clouds and mountains, we have a great vantage point of the city including a distant view of the airport. Often we’ll marvel at planes taking off and landing as we spot them in the horizon. In many ways it’s a bit of a nice distraction from our online work.

The timing for this particular video couldn’t have been more perfect. Although we’ve witnessed many glorious sunsets since we’ve arrived in Chiang Mai, many of them haven’t featured a plethora of clouds passing. In order to get an interesting time-lapse video it’s paramount that there is plenty of cloud movement to create that sense of motion in the sky. Luckily, on this particular evening Audrey spotted what was going on outside and quickly grabbed our camcorder and tripod to capture it. When it comes to sunsets timing is everything and had we waited a few more minutes we would have missed out on it entirely.

Chiang Mai is turning out to be the perfect base for us. We absolutely love our apartment which is modern, clean, spacious and comfortable. The local restaurant in our building serves massive portions of pad Thai, Panang curries and club sandwiches that rival the best we’ve had back home. Although we enjoy this level of convenience, we do our best to try and go out to explore local cafes, eateries and Thai street vendors as much as possible. When we moved to Chiang Mai we had no idea it would have such a lovely scenic backdrop from our apartment. I suppose it’s just one of the many pleasant surprises we’ve experienced so far in Chiang Mai, and quite honestly, I hope there are many more.

Chiang Mai Sunset Time-Lapse


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