VIDEO: Chulia Heritage Hotel in Penang

Seeking comfort without paying a fortune, we decided to check in and stay at the Chulia Hertiage Hotel located in the heart of historic George Town on Penang Island, Malaysia.

It’s incredible how much our preferences and expectations have changed in such a short period of time. Only several months ago, we were staying in George Town, and our accommodations were far more humble. During that time, our guesthouse was nothing more than a tiny room with an old mattress, wobbly chair/desk and a fan that barely worked. The wifi in the room had a poor signal and considering how hot and humid it was outside, we literally felt like we were in a sauna with hot air sponblowing all around us. At the time, we were concerned with sticking to a strict budget and not spending extra for creature comforts.

Our standards have since increased significantly. When we first started out backpacking around SE Asia, I wrote an article where I discussed the challenges of being a digital nomad for the first time. In hindsight, I realize many of the issues we faced – of trying to balance work and play -stemmed from our environment.

During our carefree days of backpacking, when we were content staying in pokey rooms while trying to maximize our savings, it was fine to give up certain comforts in order to extended our journey given our dwindling bank accounts; however, now that we’re earning money online and trying to run a business on the road we need a certain level of comfort that allows us to utilize our time optimally.

For example, long gone are the days we’d prefer to stay in dorms, party hostels or budget guest houses that don’t offer air conditioning, clean showers, a quiet environment and reliable wifi.

Luckily, this time around we were able to find a great value budget Boutique Hotel that fits our new flashbacking ways. The Chulia Heritage hotel is located in an atmospheric part of George Town yet is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of noisy – and ever chaotic – Lebua Chulia (Chulia Street). As a former mansion in decay, this lovely refurbished guest house is like stepping back in time. With photos adorning the walls of its crumbling old charms, one can visually experience what it was like in the past while stepping on its creaky floor.

The rooms are nicely finished in pure white with a generous sized queen bed, drawer, night stand, modern television and air conditioning unit. The wifi – for the most part – works rather well. The bathrooms are shared (quite typical in Malaysia) but unlike other guest houses I’ve stayed at, these were impeccably clean.

Coming in at 80 Ringgit, we thought the price we paid versus the value we received was excellent. We thought it would be interesting sharing our experiences staying at this hotel with plenty of history, quirks and modern day charms.

Staying at the Chulia Heritage Hotel in George Town - Penang, Malaysia


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