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Earlier this year while visiting Lima, Peru we did a Churros taste test in a famous local cafe nearby Kennedy Park. Now that we’ve found ourselves in Madrid, Spain it was time to sample Churros done the Spanish way. Unlike in Latin America, where stuffed or filled Churros are quite common, the Churros here in Spain are often plain but dunked in hot chocolate. This kind of hot chocolate is unlike any you’ve likely ever had before. Thick, more like a sludge than anything else, is the best way I can describe it.

I have a feeling extra condensed milk is used to make it this way. Anyhow, Churros here in Madrid are eaten typically for breakfast. Although they’re not what you’d call a complete or healthy way to start the day they’re certainly delicious. Moreover, they’re usually the cheapest option at local cafes and since arriving here we’ve been sampling them in earnest.

Video Script:

So it is breakfast time here in Madrid. We’ve just rolled out of bed at 10 am. Which is a bit unusual. But we’re here at a local cafe and we’re going to have a traditional Spanish breakfast. So we have ordered a hot chocolate with Churros and Porras. So we’re going to show you what those are like in just a few minutes.

So this is something that is completely new for me. This is called Porras. And it is basically like a giant sized Churro. Like I’ve never seen anything like this before. I know, look at that, it’s like. It’s wider than your shoulders. Hahaha!

Alright, so we’re going to dip it in the hot chocolate because that is how things are done here.

Oh ho ho baby.


That is delicious.

It is nice and greasy. And sweet. It is probably not the healthiest way to start the day but ‘hey’ when in Spain. Hey we’re doing it the Spanish way.

That is delicious.

I’m loving it.

What are you having? I’m actually having the proper Churros. This is a deep-fried dough. And what I’ve found interesting is that when I’ve had this in Canada it is more of a dessert but over here in Spain it is a breakfast. And it is very popular breakfast item. So let’s dip that right in the chocolate. Show us how it is done.

Break off a piece here.

And that hot chocolate is as thick as it gets. It must have some kind of special ingredients that make it especially thick and rich. It’s like mud. It’s like chocolate sludge.

Wow! Let me just say I could get very used to having this as my normal breakfast. It’s that good.

So what I find unique about the Spanish Churros is the shape. When we had these in South America they were usually like long little strips. And also there is no filing in these. I still haven’t come across any Spanish Churros that have fillings. Whereas in South America they were stuffed with chocolate, vanilla pudding, dulce de leche. So that is another difference.

Now let’s dip this. Oh la la.

This is so good.


It is like a wishbone.


So show us what you do with the leftover hot chocolate. You know what. This is a breakfast that is like a gift that keeps on giving. What is left over is a hot chocolate and it is amazing. It is so thick. Like we were talking earlier. It is almost like a sludge but it is really rich and creamy. I think there is extra condensed milk or something.


So this is a super affordable breakfast. I’ve got the menu right next to me. And basically it is two Euros and fifty cents and you get your peach juice, your hot chocolate and either three Churros or three Porras. And yeah, I’m stuffed after all that food. Surprisingly.

Churros vs Porras Taste Test in Madrid, Spain


  • Hey guys! Great video. We often had debates about which style of churro is better. In Barcelona, they’re called finos and porras. Our copywriter says he prefers porras….plus sugar and chocolate.

    If you ever make it to Barcelona, check out the mobile Xurrerias….they have some amazing giant churros filled with cream or Nutella. Sooooo good!

    But, to get back to the point of the post….how great is it to be in a country where people eat churros for breakfast?!

  • Claudia says:

    I love it how you once write a post on losing the blogger belly and then one about churros for breakfast. You are hilarious šŸ™‚ I am not a big fan of sweets but I admit that churros (done the Latin America way) are delicious!!

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