VIDEO: Dog House Cafe in Seoul

In our quest to visit as many quirky cafes as possible in Seoul we head over to the famed dog café “Bau Haus” 바우하우스 to play with some furry four legged friends.

The café is located just outside Hapjeong Station between exits 3 and 4, not too far from Hongdae. After initially thinking it was closer to Hongdae, we first had a little bit of trouble finding it, although its new location is easy to locate once you have the proper directions.

Much like the cat cafe in Hongdae, there is no entry fee at Bau Haus dog café, but every person is expected to purchase a beverage inside. Drinks range from juices and milkshakes to tea and coffees. These drinks are between 6000-8000 won each (close to $6-8 USD). This is the ‘price you pay’ for the privileged to interact with the animals.

The dogs in the cafes come in all breeds and sizes, from miniature poodles to golden retrievers, with a few strange breeds thrown in for good measure. One of the dogs was the size of bear but played around – and loved attention – as if it were a gentle giant. When you have a room filled to the brim with as many dogs, as in this cafe, quirky behavior is bound to ensue. One of the tinniest little male dogs was in hot pursuit of a much larger female partner (at least double its size) for a little humping action. Each attempt by this little stallion was thwarted by the female who clearly had no interest; yet, that didn’t stop this little guy who we affectionately named ‘little humper.’

One of our favorite parts of visiting the dog cafe was having the ability to freely roam about the room, in which the tables are all situated along the perimeter, allowing ourselves the opportunity to freely play with the dogs. Some of the dogs were more active running, playing and engaging with others; whereas, a few were completely docile sleeping amid all of the commotion.

One thing we noticed in particular, was that all the dogs are very friendly and comfortable around strangers, so much so that many of them will climb on to your lap within minutes of you arriving there. Some of the sneakier dogs will also climb onto your table in search of treats, which can be purchased on site. There is no faster way to make a new best friend, when it comes to cats or dogs, than to have a plethora of treats ready for disposal.

The Dog House cafe is just one of many quirky types of cafes one can find in Seoul, South Korea. There are also cat cafes, sheep cafes, doll house cafes and wedding cafes. Whether you want to pet an animal or play make believe dress-up, there is something for every taste.

Overall, as pet lovers, we had a wonderful time sipping on coffee and playing with dogs. The Bau Haus is a great way to spend an afternoon in Seoul, and we both highly recommend it. The hardest part, for us, was leaving knowing we couldn’t take one of these cute dogs back home as a pet.

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