VIDEO: Döner Kebab in Berlin

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When it comes to street food in Berlin I’m pleased to say you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. My personal two favorites are Currywurst and Doner Kebab. The latter one has a lot to do with the large Turkish population in the city.

What is fascinating is that this Turkish staple has been perfected with German taste buds in mind. Yes, you get your lamb/chicken and typical fixings (lettuce, tomatoes); however, toppings such as cabbage, onions and grilled veggies also make an appearance. It’s one of the tastiest and cheapest snacks around.

Find one inside of a metro station or street corner. Have you tried a doner kebab before?

Video Script:

So we have made it to Berlin and that means today we are going to introduce you to a really popular fast food snack that you can get here in the city – the Döner Kebab.

So doner kebab. You’re probably thinking isn’t that Turkish? And yes, it is Turkish but Germany has a huge Turkish population and that means that they brought their recipes and their food over and they’ve actually adapted the doner kebab to fit the German taste when it comes to the cuisine. So this would be considered a German doner kebab, so I’m going to bite right in because this looks so good and we’ve been filming it for too long. We sure have. Let’s bite here.


So so good. I’m losing toppings. And there is a bee trying to steal my food.

So the place where we picked it up you could choose from a number of different toppings. They had chicken and veal and they had it right on that big rump where you know they’re shaving it off. A skewer!

Oh, the skewer it is so good.

And I’ll show you some of the toppings here if you take a look. So you have things like tomatoes, lettuce, other things like that. Of course this is the chicken. But what makes it kind of unique for Germany here is that it has cabbage. Cabbage and onions. And onions too. Because Germans really like that. Yeah.

Alright, time for my first bite. Oh my gosh. He dropped it all over the place. All over the place. I have an onion on my wrist.

Is it good? Yeah, it is really good.

And the nice thing is that this is a really cheap meal. And you can share it with someone.

So another thing I’m noticing while I’m eating this. Is that the donair kebab actually has grilled veggies. And that is not something I’ve ever had anywhere else before.

So I’m kind of wondering if that is also one of the German adaptations or if it is done in Turkey.

And in terms of the sauces. You can get a really hot and spicy sauce. They have a few different herb sauces, garlic sauce and a yogurt based sauce. So lots of variety there.

Yeah, I’m just going to get back to eating this because it is so good.

We ended up getting the hot sauce.


And price point for that delicious doner kebab. So that was only 3.50 Euros and what is really cool about this is that you can find these kebabs almost everywhere. We picked this one up at a metro station. You can also find them on the street. And we highly recommend you go out and grab one while you’re in Berlin.

Eating Döner Kebab in Berlin

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