VIDEO: Drinking Korean Tea

In this travel video we head back to Insadong to visit yet another traditional Korean tea house (찻집) that specializes in Korean Ginseng tea known locally as Insam (인삼).

Sometimes discovering something late is better than never. Our passion for frequenting Korean traditional tea houses is something we only discovered mere weeks before we’re set to leave Korea.

One of the best features of these Korean tea houses are the quirky names.

At first we thought it was as follows: “Moon bird does not always think of the moon.”

However, after careful inspection we realized Moon bird really is rather obsessed with the moon: “Moonbird does think of only the moon.”

Deciding not to ponder this any longer we finally sat down and placed our order for Korean tea and Korea rice cakes.

This tea house is different from the last one we visited given that it is more modern and involves seated tables as opposed to sitting on the floor.

Couples could write their names on the wall and we carved our initials discretely as well.

We often have a problem of wanting what the other person orders.

Audrey’s cinnamon bark infused tea, known locally as Sujeonggwa (수정과), a traditional fruit punch with a distinctly dark reddish brown color.

It’s a healthy drink made primarily from ginger, cinnamon, dried persimmons and pine nuts with a touch of honey or brown sugar.

As a sweet tea, it’s primarily severed as a dessert.

Given that it was our last weekend in Korea we decided to spend our time in Insadong to buy some souvenirs to send home to family and friends.

In less than a few days from now we’ll be swapping our winter clothes (jackets and long underwear) for distinctly summer attire (t-shirt and shorts).

We’re excited to be heading to Malaysia! I’ve been several times but this will be the first time for Audrey. I suppose that’s my excuse for acting so silly in this video 😉

We’re going to miss Korea but our plans to backpack around the world are certainly keeping our minds focused on what is ahead.

Drinking Korean Tea in Insadong, Seoul, Korea to warm up on a cold day

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