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While visiting Las Vegas in search of lunch, we came across this burger joint named Shake Shack. With a long line up before it even opened we figured it must be decent. Well, we were in for a pleasant surprise. It instantly became our favorite place to grab a burger. Over the the three days we were in Vegas we ended coming back three times! A few months later, having an opportunity to visit the original Shake Shack in New York City, we jumped at the chance. The following is our experience munching down on burgers, fries, shakes and custards at the place that started it all in Madison Square Park.

Video Script:

So today we are having lunch at one of our favorite hamburger joints. We are here at Shake Shack which is a name that is widely known across the US. We try to eat here every time we are in the States and New York City is no exception. Now today we are not just at any Shake Shack. We are at the original Shake Shack which is located in Madison Square Park. And this actually started out as a little hot dog cart and now it is grown in to a huge franchise. So super excited to be eating here and I’m also really hungry so let’s go order.

And this is the line to order Shake Shack. And we’re going to stand here and get our food.

So we’ve finally ordered and now we’re just waiting. But along with a whole bunch of other people.

Look who just came back. I was so scared to drop it. It’s finally here. Check it out.

So the wait is over. Our food has finally arrived and if you have look over here we got the SmokeShack. I got the single and Sam got the double because he’s a hungry boy. And we also have our french fries. Cheese fries actually. That looks delicious. And that is not everything. We have a cheesecake milkshake. Not just cheesecake. Strawberry cheesecake. Awesome. So let’s dig in.

Look at that thing of beauty.

Oh, yeah. That is why we stood in line for fifteen minutes and waited another twenty minutes for our food to be ready. This is like the best hamburger I’ve ever had.

Seriously, one of the best things we did while we were in Las Vegas was try Shake Shack there. Now this one here in New York City is the original and so I have high expectations for this burger. I’ve got the Shake Shack double which means it has two patties, it has got lots of cheese and it has got bacon. Wow!

Fabulous is it? It is just unbelievably good. This is my favorite burger by far.

Okay, so now it is time for the cheesy fries. Right over here. It looks sloppy and greasy and cheesy. Just the way we like it. It kind of tastes like french fries with cheese whiz poured on top. Like hot gooey cheese whiz. Mmmm. Wow!

Okay, just a little tip if you want to visit the original Shake Shack. We came here and started standing in line at about 11:20 or 11:30 and it was already busy. Now that it is past noon I think there is about two to three times the amount of people standing in line. So if you want to come I would suggest maybe right around eleven when it opens and then you won’t have to wait as long for your burger.

And because we’re not piggy enough, what do we have? Well, a milkshake was not enough so we’ve gone back for custard. So this is a vanilla custard with fudge.

Oh yeah. Digging that? I’ve never had frozen custard before. So it is a new flavor for me. It’s like custard ice cream but creamier. It’s smoother.

Alright, to wrap things up. I’m not even entirely sure what makes this burger better than other fast food burgers but I think it has to do with quality ingredients. The meat is just so juicy, there is a lot of cheese and the bun is delicious. They also have like these like red hot chilies that just really enhance the taste. It is just my favorite burger right now and like we’ve said before I’m willing to stand in line and wait a long time for it.

Eating burgers at the original Shake Shack - Madison Square Park, New York City

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