VIDEO: Eating Cendol Dessert in Malacca

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This is a travel video of us eating a refreshing and delicious serving of Cendol dessert (at an outdoor and indoor restaurant) on a hot and humid day in Malacca (Melaka), Malaysia. We first ventured off to a little whole in the wall type of eatery specializing in Cendol. Coming in at only 2.50 ringgit (roughly $0.75-0.80) it was a budget value snack. Next we frequented the popular outdoor stalls setup near the historical old center of Malacca. We sat down and had another helping (this time with an extra scoop of ice cream) enjoying every single bite.

Video Script:

It’s extremely hot this afternoon and there is only one way to beat the heat. I’d say it is about Cendol time.

Must have Cendol!

It is Cendol time!

Thank you!

Here we have our delicious treat. We are having Cendol right now and it is a dessert that is really popular in SE Asia. It is made using shaved ice, palm sugar and it has coconut milk along with little green worm-like creatures that are actually made using rice and beans. That is it.

I honestly couldn’t think of a more refreshing treat or dessert to beat this heat and humidity. It is just brilliant.

What do you have there on that spoon? I’ve got some beans! Beans? Beans for dessert? That’s a first.

The green jellies here are actually made out of rice flour and they have sort of a worm like consistency. Green worms! No, they’re fine. They’re good.

I’m a happy satisfied and most importantly refreshed customer.

This special one that we’re getting outside has a scoop of ice cream in it. It’s even more delicious.

Okay, what is this little treat? This little tasty treat here that comes in a bag and is five pieces. It is fried banana which was two Ringgit which is like sixty cents. So yummy?

It is just as good indoors as it is outdoors.

Eating Cendol Dessert in Malacca

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