VIDEO: Eating Churros in Lima, Peru

On a quest to indulge our sweet tooth, we walked a short distance from our apartment in Lima, Peru to visit Manolo for churros. Coming highly recommended from Audrey´s relatives we had high expectations prior to arriving. Once inside, we decided on a lethal trio of vanilla, chocolate and dulce de leche to go. They were all delicious; however, the dulce de leche ones were simply irresistible. I could have easily bought another 10 just for myself with the intention of drifting off into a diabetic coma. These churro were a notch above any other I´ve had outside of Argentina. The bar has been raised and I´ll have discerning taste buds for ´just regular churros from now on 😉 For those looking to visit, Manolo is located in Miraflores and a set of three churros costs 12 Soles (roughly $4 USD). Highly, HIGHLY recommended!

Video Script:

So today we are on a food mission. We are looking for a place called Manolo and we’re going to be eating some Churros. Let’s go eat.

So getting there is half the journey. Now the other half is going to be eating it. And here we are – Manolo’s!

So we went all out here and got one of each. So this is the one with chocolate, vanilla and dulce de leche. Talk about a trio. I know. Just for me.

So in case you’ve never tried Churro before it is just a deep-fried dough with like a hole in the middle so I guess you can fill it up with something really sweet and tasty. So the one I’m having right now has dulce de leche.

Mmmm. Oh my gosh, that’s warm and gooey and sweet. So do you think it is fresh out of the oven? Oh, it definitely is. Wow!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. The decisions I have to make in life. Okay, I’ll go with chocolate. Mmmmm.

His eyes are closed. That’s a good sign. You’re totally right about it being freshly made. I can taste the warm gooeyness of that chocolate inside. You’re not getting a bite of that.

Last but not least, Vanilla! Mmmm.

It is like a vanilla pudding or like the filling you get inside the Boston cream donuts. Mmmm.

I still think I like this one better though – Dulce De Leche.

It’s my number one.

So that was a very delicious snack and it wasn’t very expensive at all. I lost my receipt but I think I paid somewhere near twelve Soles which would be around four dollars for those three very tasty, very sweet churros. Highly recommended.

So seriously, it is probably a good idea that we’re walking home right now. I honestly could have had about five more of those dulce de leche churros. And we’ve got more food videos coming soon.

Eating Churros at Manolo in Lima, Peru

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