VIDEO: Eating German Cuisine in Argentina

Eating German Cuisine in Argentina

The touristy town of Villa General Belgrano, Argentina is renown for having top notch German food. Come join us as we place an order of two mains and beer to find out just how authentically German this meal actually is.

Eating German Cuisine in Argentina

Eating German Cuisine in Argentina

Travel Video: Eating German Cuisine in Argentina

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Video Script:

So it is lunchtime today and we are in the town of Villa General Belgrano. Because this is a very German town we’ve decided to find a German restaurant and order up some German food. So we saw a few of our favorites on the menu. We’ve placed our order and that should be arriving soon. Ooh.

Alright Sam, so you’ve been mastering the name of this restaurant. Where are we having lunch today? We’re eating El Ciervo Rojo. And what does that mean? It’s a big red deer and I’m going to show it to you right now. Over there!

We couldn’t have a German meal without a little bit of beer. This is actually an Argentinian beer. Isenbeck. Pour the Isenbeck Sam. That looks refreshing. Refreshing. Time to try it. Salut! Salut!

That’s awesome beer. You know what, they have some of the best craft beers I’ve ever tried here in this particular region of Argentina. This one isn’t craft but it is pretty good, isn’t it? Yes.

Alright, so the food has arrived. What are you having today Sam? And this is the meal I’ve been waiting for. I’ve had this once here in town and it is awesome. So it is goulash on top of spaetzle. And spaetzle is like a kind of a German egg noodles. They are delicious. So good. And the best part is look at all of this cheese they’ve given me. It is time to sprinkle it all on. Wow!

You just dumped it in there. Yeah, I don’t mess around with my cheese friends.

Alright, now it is time to finally try it. I know the noodles don’t look the most appetizing. They look like little worms but they are so so good. Those are the tastiest little worms you’re ever going to have in your whole life.

And the thing that makes this so good is that the beef in the goulash is really tender. And the sauce is delicious so as soon as you put it in your mouth it just melted right away. It melts. So you’re going to share that with me, right? Probably not. I think you got the better dish out of the two we ordered. I win. You lose. Hahaha, look at that. Look at that cheese.

What do you got over there? Alright, so Ii ordered a sausage with Chucrut. This is chucrut. And it is a lot like um sauerkraut. It looks so much like sauerkraut. They just use a different name for it here. And this is a boiled pork sausage. I think in German this one is called Knackwurst. It makes a bit of a crunchy sound. The Knack. Gnack, knack.


It is really nice. I just love the sauerkraut. I think that is my favorite part of the meal. It is just so sour. Hahaha.

Wow! Deep revelations over here.

And the kind hubby bubby dubby shared a little bit with you. Yes. I was experiencing food envy. Massive food envy. Not just a little bit. That’s a very dangerous thing. Not just a little bit.

Intense. Intense food envy.

The meat is just so soft. You don’t even need a knife to cut it. It just breaks apart in your mouth. You don’t even need to chew it.

Let it disintegrate. I kind of disagree there. I think you do need to chew it a little bit before you swallow. But like this is my favorite German dish. It’s apparently Swavian but it is popular in other parts of Europe. Apparently, Hungary also claims that it is. Also claims it as its own dish. So yeah, kind of like a German-Hungarian meal over here. Very hearty, very filing. Probably not the best on a really hot summer day. This would be a great winter dish. But it is so tasty we just had to get it. Hmmm.

So we polished off the Goulash, the sausage, the Spätzle, the beer. How are you feeling? Yes, we did. I’m feeling great. I’m full. I’m very full. Stuffed! Stuffed would be yeah that’s the word. Alright, how about we talk about the price point. What was the cost of this meal? So the cost of this meal wasn’t cheap. It was a hundred and fifty pesos for mine and a hundred and thirty for yours. And there has been really high inflation in Argentina in the past few years and prices have skyrocketed. So, I mean your’e not going to get cheap meals here if your’re eating on the center of town but the quality of the food is really good though. Okay, so if we had to convert that into US dollars can you give us an average. $15 dollars per plate more or less. And then the beer is like six or seven dollars for a liter.

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