VIDEO: Eating Milanesa in Buenos Aires

Eating Milanesa in Buenos Aires, Argentina

During our first brief visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina we visited El Club de la Milanesa for lunch and it was one of the better meals we had in the city. Coming back again we just had to show you the sampler platter we ordered that came with seven different fillets of Milanesa along with loaded cheese fries and a salad. Come find out what this dish, brought to Argentina by Italian immigrants, is all about.

Travel Video: Eating Milanesa in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Video Script:

Well hello from Buenos Aires! It is lunchtime in the city and today we have a very special meal planned for you. And for us because we’re going to be eating it. We’re going to a place called El Club de la Milanesa and they specialize in Milanesas. And we’re been there once before, we loved it, we knew we had to go back and make a video. So let’s get going.

Well, we are here. This restaurant has several locations across the city. And today we’re eating at the one in Recoleta.

Have you chosen what you want for lunch Sam? I think we’re getting pretty close to ordering our meal, yeah. Yeah.

So they have some pretty cool napkins. Comé Sin Culpa means eat without guilt. And we’re pretty good at that. Oh yeah.

Okay, so we have placed our order and now we’re just filling up on bread until it comes. But Sam, can you tell us what a Milanesa is for people who aren’t too familiar with this dish?

Sure, so Milanesa is basically a meat fillet that has been dipped in egg and coated in bread and then deep-fried. So it is somewhat similar to a Schnitzel but it has a very unique Argentine twist. Yeah, it is really good. It is thinner than a Schnitzel actually. And it is usually veal but it can also be beef or chicken. Yeah.

So we’ll actually have to try these in order to be able to tell you what they are exactly. But at first glance this looks like guacamole, barbecue sauce, mustard, this looks like mozzarella cheese with a tomato and basil, this one is ham and cheese and tomato sauce, this is a cream of cheddar and melted cheddar with bacon over top. We couldn’t decide which one to order so why not get a sampler portion. Yeah, so we get seven different ones to sample and that comes with a salad and these delicious potatoes. Cheesy fries.

Alright, looks good. Let’s get all of the toppings on there. Mmmm.

How is that? Oh, yeah. So that is veal, cheddar cheese, a little bit of bacon. Um, and like thinly sliced spring onions on top. And it is really tender meat. Like it is so soft. Wow.

So I am having the Caprese one which is spinach, cheese which appears to be mozzarella and tomato. I think that is actually basil but we’ll let it slide. That’s really good. When you add the tomato like that it gives it an extra bit of juiciness which I really like. Nice and fresh. Good stuff.

Next up guacamole. Yeah, this looks a little bit Mexican. Let’s see. I’m going to try some of this.


That’s good guacamole. It has lots of lime. It also has tomatoes and I think I’m having parsley. Not cilantro. I can usually tell when it is cilantro. That is pretty special. But yeah, another good one.

Alright, next up. This one appears to have ham, tomato sauce and cheese as a topping.


Wow. You know what, I thought just the kind of cheese they may put on top of this might be processed or kind of low quality but this is really good high quality cheese. And so far this one is by far my favorite.

Okay, yet another. Any idea what this one is? I think it is barbecue sauce. Just at first glance. It smells like it. We’ll see.

Let’s get that on there. Mmmm. It is barbecue sauce. And you know what. I grew up eating Milanesas but I never would have thought to put barbecue sauce on it. That is pretty unusual. But it works. I actually like it. I think it may be one of my favorites so far. She’s taking a second bite.

And that one appears to have pickle. Yeah, let’s see. It looks like Dijon mustard. It has a pickle, it has some bacon and spring onions.

That’s Dijon mustard for sure. Again, that is a bit unusual. I tend to only put mustard on hot-dogs or sausages so I’ve never had it with Milanesa before. But it works. It is different.

Alright, and last but not least, I’ve got one that appears to have cream of cheddar with some bacon added.


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. That’s like having high Cheese Whiz put on top. And then you add a little bacon. Big time winning combo. Big time.

Okay, so this right here I’m really excited about. This is our side dish and it is called papas criminales. Criminal potatoes. And again, this looks like an Argentinian twist on the Canadian poutine. So it is French Fries with lots of different toppings. So let’s take a little tour of the bowl and I’m going to tell you what is in here. So we have mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese and we have red onions and some paprika and spring onions. So why don’t we just mix it all around. Oh, and scrambled eggs, oh and bacon. It is the dish that keeps on giving.

Look at that. A little bit of everything. Oh my, I love poutine so this right up my alley. Look at that. Mmmm.

Nothing healthy about it I bet it is amazing. I know. Our main order of Milanesa came with these potatoes and a salad. And I think the salad is going to be a little bit neglected on this meal.

So we’re finishing up the meal and Sam has altogether given up on cutlery. It’s caveman style the rest of the way to finish all of this. Yeah.

Well, we sure took care of that. We demolished that. How are you feeling? This is a classic case of my eyes being a little bigger than my stomach. I am not full. I’m beyond full. So basically my siesta is going to be starting really early today and I think I’m going to be having a longer one than usual.

Alright, and if someone wants to try to get similarly stuffed like we did what would they be looking at in terms of price? Okay, so that whole sampler with the potatoes, you know the criminal potatoes and the salad came to over 300 Pesos and that is just over twenty US dollars. So not a bad price for feeding two grown people. Yeah, we could have used a third person honestly. Yeah. Bring a friend.

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