VIDEO: Eating Pierogi in Warsaw

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Have you ever had the experience where you’ve tried something back home that you really like but then you go abroad – to the country where it originated from – and discover it is like 10/100 times better? Well, this pretty much perfectly sums up our experience being in Warsaw, Poland having authentic Polish Perogies (Pierogi) for the first time. So far we’ve sampled the meat and cheese ones with plans to try the dessert (fruit) ones soon smile emoticon Have you had Polish dumplings before? What did you think of them?

You can grab pierogi in just about any Polish restaurant or Polish bar and it has more different variations of spelling than just about any other food I’ve ever seen: Pierogi, Perogies, perogi, pierogy, perogy, pierógi ,pyrohy, pirogi, pyrogie & pyrogy.

Video Script:

So it is our first full day here in Poland and this week we’re visiting Warsaw and that means we have to try some traditional Polish foods. Today we are going for the National dish. We’re going to be eating Pierogi for lunch. So we’ve placed our order and now we’re waiting for it to arrive.

So if you’ve never tried Perogies before they’re a stuffed dumpling. Typically they’re steamed and then they’re fried. And they come in a variety of different flavors. We’ve ordered meat and cheese ones but you can also get dessert pierogi as well.

Oh la la. Look what has arrived!

I know, my lunch is finally here so I’m going to be having the cheese pierogi and they also come with bacon so this looks pretty good to me. Let’s get a shot of that bacon. I’m pretty hungry and here is the bacon.

Oh la la.

Let’s take a bite. Mmm.

That is delicious. Wow.

I’m trying to figure out what kind of cheese it is. Ricotta maybe? I was just going to say ricotta.

It is a softer cheese and there is a car making noise behind us.


That is how it goes.

Yeah, so it is really good. Actually we tried Pierogies last night for dinner but we didn’t film it and it was slightly different. Those had been boiled and pan-fried but the perogies we’re having today are simply boiled. So a little bit different and also last night’s pierogies were served with sour cream and pickles. And these just came with bacon. So I guess there is a few different variations around the city.

Okay, so tell us about your perogies. Which are you having? I’m having the meat ones. And take a look at this. They are absolutely stuffed with meat. When I’ve had pierogie in Canada, which you can also pickup they’re mostly heavy on the outer layer and there is not a lot of filing inside. But this is the exact opposite. These are absolutely stuffed. I can’t wait to try them. Let’s take the first bite here.

Like this is just the perfect comfort food. Like it is really hot and it is the summer right now but this is the kind of food that would be amazing to have in the winter.

So like Sam was saying this is quite a hearty and heavy meal. And that is because originally this was meant to be peasant food. So you wanted something that was going to fill you up and hold you throughout the day as you toiled away on the fields. So yeah, I mean it looks like a small portion when the plate first came. We only saw five dumplings and it is like ‘well’ maybe I’ll be hungry after this. But once you start eating it fills you up right away.

We were so full last night from our first pierogi meal.

Okay, so you seem quite impressed by these Polish perogies. So tell us what sets them apart from the Canadian ones?

You better believe it. What sets them apart is that they are handmade and that they are so stuffed with filing inside. I’m used to having kind of the crappy frozen ones that you buy in Canada and these are like 100 times better.

So if you’re looking to order pierogi you can usually get these at a pub or a restaurant. It is the type of item that shows up on almost every single menu. And in terms of price point we paid about ten Euros and that included two plates of perogies and Sam’s beer. And I had two of them and you also had a water as well. Yep, so pretty good deal if you ask me.

Eating Pierogi in Warsaw

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