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This is a travel video of us eating roti canai near the Puduraya Bus Station at a great restaurant called ‘Restoran Anuja’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We came to feast on some delicious roti canai (Indian influenced Malaysian style flat bread) similar to naan but distinctly thinner. We indulged in different kinds including banana and cheese versions. Samuel enjoyed eating the roti with his hands dipping it into the curry like a local. Audrey on the other hand, used utensils. We recommend this kind of meal to anyone and it’s a wonderful budget option that is highly affordable.

Video Script:

Today we are having dinner at a great little restaurant that is located right across from the Puduraya bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur and it is Indian food. My favorite!

Nothing like refreshing fruit drinks to start your meal. Here is our food. Nice! Thank you! Delicious.

What we are having today is called Roti Canai and it is an Indian flat bread. I’ve got one that has cheese inside and I’m going to dip it in the curry sauce. The roti canai is the Malaysian form of flat bread. Oh yeah!

What we’re having here is roti canai. Roti means bread in Hindi and Malay.

Canai in Malay means to roll out the dough. How do you roll it out? Show us. Nice.

It is made with egg flour and water and in special cases where there is special ingredients like this one here – cheese!

Sam is feeling a little shy because there is people watching him eat right now. Is it the freckles? Is it the t-shirt? Is it because he is using his hands? It’s s spectacle. What could it be?

There are two ways to eat roti canai – by hand or by utensil – and believe me I will not give up an opportunity to use my hands. Demonstrate for us. Mix it up really good. That’s sloppy! You just wiped it on your pants! No, I didn’t.

Audrey here will be having it using utensils. I on the other hand am eating like a lady using a fork and spoon. Keeping it classy.

So roti canai is thinner than the Indian style Naan bread which a lot of people are more familiar with. It is thin in the same way as chapati for example.

You can get plain roti or you get a little fancier with your order and they have banana roti, garlic roti, cheese roti and egg roti. Yes, I had that earlier. Lots to choose from!

One of the coolest things when we come here to the restaurant is the little order you get. You just keep tallying it up here on the side and eventually when you’re finished feasting they finally give you a total.

This is a meal that you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We’re having it for dinner right now and I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back for breakfast. Get ready!

Eating Roti Canai in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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