VIDEO: Eating Sushi in Seoul

In our latest travel video we attempt to curb our growing appetites by visiting a conveyor belt sushi restaurant (in Korean: 초밥) for lunch in the downtown area of Jongro, Seoul, South Korea.

Aside from Japan, I’ve never lived and/or traveled in a country where locals enjoy eating raw fish more than in South Korea.

The two most typical kinds of sushi restaurants you can find in Korea are those with a conveyor belt or an all your can eat buffet.

When, I’m hungry I prefer a buffet; however, the sushi restaurants with the individual plates allows me to keep my stomach in check, as it can get very pricey if you allow your plates to accumulate at your table.

We love how the sushi comes around on the conveyor belt with various kinds of sushi to choose from – admittedly we eat only salmon forms which we both love.

Growing up on Vancouver Island, my Dad used to smoke salmon for all of his close friends and neighbors.

That would typically mean we got a decent sized cut to keep just for family consumption.

Our meal comes with complimentary side dishes of miso soup and hot green tea where boiling water is added to a cup and green tea powder is available to stir.

The different color plates mean different prices.

I grew up eating a lot of salmon and whenever I have a chance to eat it (whether it be sushi, smoked, etc) it always reminds me fondly of my childhood.

At the end of our meal we stack up our plates and report them to a waiter who tallies up our final bill.

This would be considered a splurge for us and certainly a departure from our typical Korean gimbap meal we tend to have together.

It’s wasn’t the cheapest nor the most filling meal but it tantalized our taste buds and was absolutely delicious.

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