VIDEO: Eating Turrón in Lima, Peru

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Continuing with our almost daily excursions to Kennedy Park in Lima, Peru, we were back yet again to sample a different kind of Peruvian street food snack/dessert. This time around we had Turrón on our radar. This Spanish dessert is a confection consisting of nuts, egg white, sugar and honey formed into a round cake. The Peruvian cuisine interpretation of turrón is typically soft and often flavored with anise. The one we tried tasted a lot like fruit loops to us. We weren’t able to tell if the sticky orange sauce was a kind of honey, syrup or orange marmalade. Coming in at only 3 Soles per serving it’s easily the cheapest Peruvian street food we’ve sampled thus far. For those on a backpacker budget load up whether you like it or not 😉

Video Script:

So we are back at our favourite park once again. This is Parque Kennedy and we are here for dessert. What else. So today we are going to be sampling something that is called Turrón.

So part of reason we like coming here are all of the cats. There must be hundreds of them and they are so friendly. They just want to be scratched and petted. Look there is another one coming up right behind you. Oh, Hello. Hello, cat. Look at you. You’re a sweet one. You’re still a kitten. Oh, it is sitting on me. I’ve made a new friend. Hi, Cat. Hello, cat.

So what have you got over here? Okay, so we ended up getting two different things. This is called Turrone. And over here, oh my goodness, it already got stuck to my leg. This giant thing over here is called Torreja.

So they look kind of different but they are both actually made with the same ingredients. So all this is is deep-fried flower and then they drizzle honey over top. Sounds good enough to me? Yeah. Let’s try it. The first bite. The first bite. Big moment here. Here we go.

It looks sticky. I think you bit off a little more than you can chew there. This is interesting. It’s getting stuck to my teeth. A little difficult to talk right now but the honey kind of has an orange flavor to it. And also it is a lot stickier than honey. I wonder if it is more of a marmalade. Kind of an orange marmalade. Do you think, maybe? Maybe. They told me honey but I don’t know. No honey for the bunny. Mmmm. It is nice. Really crispy. The dough itself is really not really very flavorful because I mean it is just flour but the honey that is what you can taste. The orange flavoured honey. Want to have some?

Alright, it is my turn. Oh, you can take a bigger bite than that. I don’t want to get all of that sticky stuff all over my face. We don’t have any napkins out here.

This probably looks more like French Fries with like ketchup drizzled all over them but in fact this is the second dessert we’re going to be trying. And I’ve noticed since we’ve come to Lima that cakes and other things tend to have these little doughy bits. Crunchy doughy bits and so let’s try it here. Like I don’t see myself breaking it off with my hand. I’m just going to take a bite. Mmmm.

That is good. You know what, I think I actually prefer this one to the big pizza shaped one I had.

Similar flavour to the previous one. More or less the same thing. Just kind of slightly different. You know what? It kind of tastes like Fruit Loops. When you really chew on it for a while it is like really sugary Fruit Loops. Maybe that is why we like it so much. We grew up eating Fruit Loops. Fruit Loops guys. Fruit Loops. Peruvian Fruit Loops.

So how much did today’s dessert cost? Well, this was probably our cheapest street food / dessert that we’ve had since we’ve come to Peru. This one came to three Soles each. So that is a dollar for each of those delicious little snacks we had. So you know, if you’re on a budget you can really load up on those.

So we’re just going to go for a little walk around the park and then we’re going to head home for more food. What else. All we do is eat.

Meow, meow, meow. Oh, look at that. Meow, meow, meow little kitty. You’re a cute one aren’t you. Oh, it is purring. I can feel it purring. Hi Kitty. Hi Kitty.

Eating Turrón in Lima, Peru

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