VIDEO: Éclair Taste Test in Paris

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Out of the many tempting treats we’ve spotted while visiting French Bakeries (Patisseries) is this long oblong shaped donut covered in icing and filled with cream inside. If you haven’t guessed it already we’re talking about Éclairs.

The classic one is chocolate; however, they come in all kinds of different flavors including coffee, pistachio, fruit and/or rum. For this particular taste test we grabbed a chocolate and coffee flavored eclairs.

Upon doing research it was fascinating for us to realize that the French word éclair means ‘flash of lightning.’ Thus, eating it slowly is definitely out of the question 😉

Come find out what makes these tasty treats such a staple item in French bakeries.

Video Script:

Well, well it is time for another French dessert. So today we are introducing you to the Eclair. And I have two Éclairs in here that I just picked up from the little bakery shop. And it is time for the unveiling.

Alright, so I went for the classic chocolate-topped Éclair. So basically it is just a long doughy pastry and the inside is supposedly filled with cream. And it has chocolate icing on top but let’s bite in to be sure.

Quality control over here.

How is that?

Actually, mine is not cream. It has like a creamy chocolate pudding in the middle and chocolate icing on top. That is almost liked a filled churro. And the taste?

Yeah, it is delicious. It is amazing. I mean the pastry, it is almost like puffed pastry, it is very light and it is hollow inside so then they just fill it. Is it overly sweet? It is not overly sweet. It is more creamy than anything. It is like pudding.

That is really good.

Surprisingly good.

Okay, so you’ve got a slightly different one. Yeah, mine is the coffee flavored one. You can also get all kinds of different flavors. There are different fruit flavours, there is rum toppings, there is all kinds of toppings. So if you enjoy the classic chocolate one definitely consider trying the other ones as well.

Yeah, I think we saw strawberry and pistachio. Yeah, they have pistachio too. Yep.

Alright, let’s try this coffee one.

Again, it is the inside – the cream, the pudding – and this one is of course coffee flavored cream inside. A really generous amount. It is almost like there is more pudding than pastry. Which is delicious.

That is surprising. I was expecting the interior to have like a white whipped cream. Like a white pudding. Nope.

It has got the flavor to match the icing. Yeah.

Okay, so once again the price point for the Eclair.

So to pick up an eclair you’re looking at 2 to 2.50 Euro and again it is at a French bakery or Patisserie. And what I would recommend having it with is with a coffee or even have it as a dessert. It is delicious and highly recommended.

Éclair Taste Test in Paris

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