Exploring Hanko & cooking Finnish cuisine #OutdoorsFinland

Our day five adventure travels in Finland started with an adrenaline rush. From Kasnas we departed with Rib boats on a white knuckle grip adventure in the Baltic sea to Hanko (Swedish: Hangö) – a bilingual port town. After resting and filling our bellies with copious amounts of creamy Salmon soup, molasses infused rye bread and flaky apple pie we set off for the day with our Sun Fun bicycle rentals.

This cute quaint little town is lined with beaches, forests and small rural farms. We stopped many times along the way to take in the scenic views and to hike to different vantage points.

Our final stop prior to dinner was at a small farm where we encountered many different kind of farm animals including sheep, rosters and chicken. While snapping photos, we both got too close to the fence receiving a sudden shock! Little did we know it was an electric fence 😉 Our time was spent getting to learn more about life on a Finnish farm while selecting ingredients for our meal (most vegetables) that we’d be cooking together as a team later on.

For dinner we learned how to cook Finnish cuisine with an emphasis on salads, soups and grilled sausages. It’s always more rewarding when you cook food together and it was a fun way to cap off our fifth day in Finland.

Video Script:

Exploring Hanko by boat and bicycle & cooking Finnish cuisine | Finland Vlog Day 5

Day five in Finland. This morning we’re taking a speed boat from Kasnas to Hanko.

Ready for some adventure guys? Yeah! Yes!

Finland’s archipelago region, which is part of the Baltic Sea, is home to thousands of small islands. The rib boat was a fun way to experience the natural scenery of this area. Plus it got us to the port town of Hanko in record time.


We just arrived here in Hanko and we’ve picked up our Sun Fun bikes and we’re going to go on a little tour of the city.

Hanko is a small town that sits on the shores of the Baltic Sea, and it also happens to be the southernmost point in all of Finland. This is a popular summer destination, where Finns rent villas by the sea. Everything about the town felt laid-back and relaxed.

Our afternoon in Hanko was spent doing a little bit of hiking and plenty of biking past ponds, through forests, and along the beach.

So you just made some new friends! Bah bah! I’m just hanging out with my new friends here the sheep. We’re visiting a farm and I guess what we’re going to be doing here is selecting some ingredients – some vegetables and different things – and we’re going to be cooking our own meal tonight. Oh, yes!

So neither of us realized this is actually an electric fence and we both just got zapped. That’s an electric fence.

We just finished our bike ride where we got to visit a few local farms and now we’re going to be cooking a meal with all of those local ingredients. Let’s go to the kitchen.

Peeling time. I’m in charge of potatoes.

Don’t eat all of my whip cream. I said one bite because you want to be in the video. Mmmm, one more. One more. That’s so mean.

Exploring Hanko by boat and bicycle & cooking Finnish cuisine | Finland Vlog Day 5

Exploring Hanko by boat and bicycle & cooking Finnish cuisine


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