VIDEO: Favorite Korean Restaurant

In this travel video we visit our favorite Korean restaurant in my small neighborhood of Anseong, South Korea. The place is just a humble hole in the wall style of family restaurant in the basement of small commercial building. Located next to a Korean butcher shop and Korean grocery store we didn’t even know the name of the restaurant until we discovered it on a sideboard hanging from the roof.  Considering it is our favorite restaurant in all of Korea I think it is safe to say I’m glad we checked it out!

Over time, we’ve become overly welcome from the Korean lady and her son that run the place.  She’s so friendly to us now that we refer to her as our Korean Mama!  Whenever we’re hungry I’ll mention to Audrey, “It’s time to visit Mama!”  She knows exactly what I mean every time I say it.  It’s important to find places like this while you’re an expat overseas to make yourself feel more at ease and a part of the local community.  I’ve heard many foreign teachers complain over the years that they never connected with the local Korean culture; however, in most cases I think it is due to a lack of effort on their part.

Anyhow, getting back on topic, for our lunch we are treated to a delicious meal of bibimbap (Doltsot Bibimbap – Korean stone pot mixed rice) and Soon Dubu Jigae – a tofu based soup/stew. We show you what it is like to eat at a Korean traditional restaurant with no chairs. The side dishes were amazing and we ended up being completed stuffed. As per usual we act silly with plenty of humorous moments.

Favorite Korean Restaurant travel video


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