VIDEO: Feeding Cats in Lima

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Since coming to Lima, Peru we’ve made quite a few new friends. Indeed, our social life has improved exponentially. And all it took was a few Soles to purchase a tiny bag of cat food for it to happen. Our furry feline friends from Kennedy Park are the main reason we decided to make this video. According to a local source, there used to be a rat problem in which the most rational solution was to introduce cats to take care of it. Well, now there is a cat problem; however, when you’re a cat lover it’s never a problem 😉 It’s great to see how locals and tourists alike take care of the cats at Parque Kennedy.

The majority of the cats we interacted with (whether they be full adult cats or kittens) were friendly and wanted to be petted and held. Some didn’t even want food – a great sign they are being well fed. However, many were thrilled to have the opportunity to munch away on cat food. It was one of those moments in travel where you could never have anticipated doing this kind of thing prior to arriving. The only other city where I’ve seen a cluster of friendly stray (feral) cats is in Istanbul, Turkey. Count us as feeling lucky to be crazy cat people here in Lima, Peru 😉

Video Script:

You’ve got yourself a little friend over there? Hello.

So we are back at Parque Kennedy yet again. You’re probably wondering why we are here. We keep coming back. And the answer is because my husband Sam is a cat lover. And there are hundreds of cats here and he decided ‘hey’ it might be good idea to go pick up some cat food and come feed the cats. So today we’re here to feed the kittens.

I’m the embodiment of a cat lady.

Feeding Cats at Kennedy Park in Lima, Peru

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