VIDEO: Fenyan Eco Lodge

Feynan Eco Lodge Hotel located at Dana Biosphere Reserve in Jordan (ضانا) where you can go hiking in Dana Biosphere.

Video Script:

So we spent the night at a pretty cool place last night. We are at the Feynan Eco Lodge and we had to drive three and a half hours to get here. The last thirty minutes were actually spent in the back of a pickup truck because we’re in the middle of nowhere and we had to use dirt roads to get here.
Meow Meow!
Two of you. I fed one of you last night. I think I fed you.

So it was a very pleasant surprise waking up this morning because when we arrived last night it was already dark and place was only lit by candle light, so we kind of had an idea of what the hotel looked like but we weren’t really certain and now this morning the views are amazing and the building itself is quite spectacular.
The hotel employs a Bedouin community and benefits over eighty families and four hundred people.

So like I mentioned before the hotel uses candle light to light the rooms, the dining area and the lobby but they do also have solar panels which you can see over on the mountain and those are used to produce electricity for the bathrooms. That is the only place where you have a light switch.

Goats running sounds.
We’ve been greeted by a stampede of goats and kittens for breakfast. Hahahaha

Staying at the Fenyan Eco Lodge in Jordan


  • Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Sam,

    How cool!

    And agreed with you Maria; seeing somewhere in candle light, then, in the light of day, makes for a completely different experience.

    We noted this here in Fiji. Totally different spot as at night, in the jungle, all goes black.

    As for Jordan it looks quite awesome. I always think of the first Indiana Jones moving when Jordan is discussed and your image above does my image justice.

    Cool to have kitties around too….

    ….and even cooler to have them pop up on the transcript 😉

    Thanks Sam!

    Tweeting from Savusavu.


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  • Oh yeah Sam, that must have been incredible to arrive with only candle light and then when you wake… it’s like discovering it all over again, yet with different eyes.

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