VIDEO: First class flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Never the types to stay still for any length of time, we’re off again on a flight with Thai Airways flying first class (business class) for the first time in our lives from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Thailand.

For Christmas presents we struggled with what to buy one another. In terms of material possessions, we don’t have the physical space to carry around more items than what we’ve already got. Furthermore, our gear (mostly electronics, cameras, etc) is up to date and spending money to upgrade anything in particular simply wasn’t practical.

When I was searching for a flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok I noticed Thai Airways, the national carrier, was offering competitive prices in relation to budget carrier competition such as Air Asia and Nok Air. Just for fun, I decided to check how much a business class / first class flight would cost. When I realized it would only be roughly $40 more per person, I immediately asked Audrey if she’d be interested in flying business class for the first time in her life: ‘Yes!!!’

We immediately noticed the service upgrade upon arriving at Chiang Mai domestic terminal. Instead of waiting in line for our boarding passes, we immediately walked to the counter of the ‘Silk Class business section’ and within mere seconds we were on our way through customs. Instead of waiting with the ‘regular passengers’ on rigid, uncomfortable and non-padded seats, we entered into the Thai Airways Silk Lounge where a smorgasbord of finger foods, refreshments and proper couches awaited us. We were able to plug in our computers and surf the internet using a special wifi network exclusive to this lounge area. The time flew by in this posh environment.

When we boarded the plane we immediately noticed we didn’t have ‘fancy’ seats that you typically see on longer haul routes where there is personal space between each passenger; however, compared to regular class our seat spacing was more spacious and the extra legroom was especially nice.

The cloud formations outside were really unique on this journey. There was an impressive ridge in the clouds that just happened to be parallel to the route we were flying. It was like being able to see the gateway (or beginning) of this massive slab of cotton candy clouds in the sky.

Lunch was a choice between breaded fish or duck as a main course. We decided to get both and share. Having a full meal on only an hour long flight certainly made the time spent in the air seem less than usual. The programs ‘Just For Laughs’ and ‘Mr. Bean’ kept us laughing in between bites of our lunch. At one point a baby was peeing on a piece of fruit 😉 Before we knew it we were already descending.

Overall, it was great to experience flying first class. The perks are certainly noticeable and I can see why wealthy individuals would prefer the increased services over regular class; however, for us, as primarily budget travelers, we’re unlikely to be flying first class frequently unless of course we win the lottery 😉

With just a one night stopover in Bangkok we’re going to catch up on some much needed sleep before boarding another flight en route to Edinburgh, Scotland via London, England. In just a few more hours we’ll be trading t-shirts and shorts for winter jackets, fleece coats, mittens and toques to celebrate Hogmanay!

First class flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok with Thai Airways video


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