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With Audrey being away at a travel blogging summit at the White House in Washington, DC, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to visit my good buddy Rob while check out Ottawa for the first time.

It ended up being one of coolest weekends I’ve had in a long time. These days, I’m slaving away at school work while trying to keep up with my online work commitments most weekends. Getting outside of my apartment and traveling again reinvigorated me in a way that I haven’t felt in quite some time.

During my less than 48 hour visit, Rob and I covered a lot of the main attractions in Ottawa along with spending plenty of time of time dedicated for eating, drinking, catching up and talking about our travels dreams and future projects we have on the go.

Video Script:

Well, it is time to escape Kingston this weekend. I’m going to Ottawa via train and I’m going to meet one of my good buddies Rob. He does what we do. His website is Stop Having A Boring Life Dot Com and he also has a YouTube channel by the same name. I’m flying solo today. Audrey is at a conference in Washington DC, so I’ll be all alone on my train journey.

This is the first time I’ve taken a train in Canada during winter months. With it only being a two hour ride I enjoyed looking out the window at the snow covered scenery while also catching up on some much needed rest.

It is my first time ever in Ottawa. Now it is time to go find Rob.

Alright, so I’ve met up with my buddy Rob. He’s taking me to his favorite sushi place. All you can eat. We are just going to absolutely crush a meal here. We are.

What did we order so far? Oh man. We got yummy yummy rolls, rainbow rolls, dragon rolls, sushi nagari. We’ve got seaweed salad, which I love, miso soup spare ribs. Um…we’ve got everything! Hahaha! We’re just going to pig out.

Here my man Rob has got the beaver tail. So what exactly are these? Beavertails, are like an iconic Canadian snack – especially in Ottawa. Basically, it is just dough but it looks like a beaver tail. If you know what a beaver is. It totally does. And it is covered in brown sugar and this one here is called the killer loose sunrise because it also has lemon. It is my personal favorite and you can’t come to Ottawa without having one. Let’s devour these. Do it man.

Alright, we’re doing this man. First bite. That is so good man. It’s so sweet and delicious. I’m going to eat them both. Be my guest.

After feasting on food, Rob did a great job playing tour guide showing me around Ottawa. Some of places we covered included the Parliament Hill, the National War Memorial, Rideau Canal, the National Gallery of Canada, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Terry Fox statue. Man, I can’t believe we did that much all in one day. Afterwards we headed to his place for dinner and beers.

Well, Rob gave me the awesome tour of Ottawa. It is so cool meeting up with him again. We’ve known each other online for like several years. We finally met up in Germany for the first time. Yeah! And we do the same thing – we’re totally on the same wavelength. Why don’t well tell all of our viewers at Samuel and Audrey what is it that you do? And what is your site and all of that?

Basically, I do what these guys do and there is a lot of other people doing it. And I really enjoy hanging out with guys like Sam or other people that do what I like to do. Because we share the same passion about what we do. What we do is we travel and somehow through sharing a lot of content, because we love doing it, it has managed to turn into more than that. Where other opportunities come up and that helps perpetuate doing it even more. I run Stop Having A Boring Life. It is my blog but it is also my YouTube channel here. So, the link is probably going to be in the description. Yeah, absolutely and Rob really lives up to that man. This guy does not live a boring life, trust me. So I travel basically most of the year. I live in the Caribbean and I stay there for three or four months a year usually and then the rest of the year I’m just out and about traveling around. Cool experiences. Documenting. I used to write it on my blog all the time but now I am more into video so basically I’m making daily vlogs and different random things as well. But I basically do what Sam does and I travel around working on my laptop and getting into adventures.

First impressions of Ottawa, Canada


  • Frank says:

    Hey Samuel. Ottawa is a pretty city, I lived there my teenage years. Lots of parks and bicycle paths, riding down the Ottawa river (as well as the Canal) are a great way to see the city in the summer. I couldn’t wait to get out of there when I graduated high school and went off to university in Montreal – Montreal much more of a ‘fun’ place. But being older now I have fond memories of it and would recommend the city both for visitors looking to stay there a long weekend or families looking for a place to settle in Canada. Really is a family-friendly city.

    Brrr. Looking at the video and so happy no longer to be in Canada during the winter…
    Frank (bbqboy)

  • Michael says:

    Hi Sam, glad you enjoyed Ottawa (sometimes called the Town that Fun Forgot–not fair of course!). I live up in the Gatineau Hills in Chelsea so its a stones throw from Ottawa. I have enjoyed your videos and travels, just great. All best, Michael

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