VIDEO: Flight from Chiang Mai to Macau

Today’s feature travel video is of us packing our belongings and moving out of our apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand along with a flight en route to Macau, China with Air Asia.

I’m still in a state of shock that our time has expired in Chiang Mai. I can still vividly remember the day we arrived after a cumbersome combination of a flight from Hanoi to Bangkok followed by a lengthy wait and an overnight train ride to Chiang Mai.

Our intention was to stay for three months and technically we did keep that initial promise; however, a travel conference in Bangkok, an extended Visa run in Malaysia / holiday in Phuket and a surprise blogger trip to Finland ate away at our precious three months we had planned to base ourselves in this cultural hub located in Northwestern Thailand. Audrey ended up staying even less time given she went back to Canada for three weeks in August.

As we packed our belongings and cleared out resident apartment, we both started reminiscing about our favorite moments we had while staying in Chiang Mai along with all of the thing we’d miss the most.

Upon arriving at Chiang Mai International Airport we quickly cleared through security and had nearly two hours to kill before our flight. We each whipped out our Kindles and started to read; however, our plans were quickly interrupted by a Thai lady requesting us to complete a survey. After checking off X’s and completing the form we handed it back to her. In return she gave us a cute dangling elephant which we strapped on Audrey’s backpack. Less than a half an hour later we were approached to do a completely different survey. The end result was, once again, a small gift in return for our time.

As we boarded our Air Asia flight bound for Macau, we both marveled at how lucky we felt to be taking off with such picturesque weather; earlier on in the day, we noticed dark grey clouds in the sky.

Although we took off with ideal conditions it wasn’t long before things changed.

White cotton candy clouds soon gave way to dark stormy ones. It wasn’t long before we were surrounded in a gray haze.

Looking outside of the window our visibility was completely impaired.

It wasn’t long before the pilot issued a warning a turbulence for passengers to remain seated with the seat belt warning sign flashing.

Moments later the plane started to jolt violently from side to side. I grabbed onto the food tray for dear life.

It’s moments like these that morbid thoughts creep into my mind.

Is the plane going to snap in half? Are we going to suddenly crash.

If you pick a fight with Mother Nature seldom do you come out unscathed.

Suddenly we all witnessed a flash of lightening outside of the window.

My fears intensified.

The plane abruptly dropped violently downwards as passengers let out a throaty squak.

At this point my heart was beating as though it were inside a Tin Drum.

Fortunately we passed through the eye of the storm and things settled down.

The final test of my already dwindling courage meter, came during landing when the plane thumped down hard on the runway.

It was one of (if not the worst) landings I’ve ever experienced as the plane shook impetuously from side to side before it finally continued onward in a linear fashion.

We were just relieved to have arrived in Macau safe and sound. Feeling knackered beyond belief from the stress of moving, packing and flying we quickly retreated to our hotel for a good night of rest.

A photo of Audrey's new Canadian passport


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