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We’ve really appreciated all of the support with our Youtube travel channel & videos over the past two years. Along the way we’ve been asked a lot of questions in the comments section. For the first time we sit down to answer some of the most popular and commonly occurring questions related to our travels and personal life:

How can you afford to travel?

We’ve earned money teaching English in South Korea and we’ve also done freelance travel writing. In addition we earn money through our travel blogs Nomadic Samuel and That Backpacker.

What’s it like teaching English in Korea?

Overall, it was a a great experience. This is where we met each other in person after knowing one another online through our travel blogs. It was trial be error as we were just thrown into the Korean classroom without any on the job training. However, we got the handle of it quickly and as long as you enjoying teaching children it is something we can recommend to try.

You eat a lot of street food. Have you ever had food poisoning?

Indeed, we have! Personally, I’ve been sick in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Bolivia and Cuba just to name a few places. Oddly enough, we’ve never got sick from eating street food. It has always been from food we got at a restaurant. As a common sense guide, we recommend you eat at street food stalls where the vendor is cooking with high levels of hygiene and where it is busy with lots of locals lined up waiting to be served.

Do you ever get tired of traveling? What are some cities where you could see yourself settling down? What are your favorite travel destinations?

We’ve experienced burning out on the road several times. When we get sick of travel we’ve settled down in Chiang Mai and Berlin for a while. Some of our favorite countries include Jordan, Germany, Finland, Vietnam, Turkey and India.
How did you two meet?

We knew each other through our travel sites, met in person in Korea while teaching English, traveled the world together and recently got married this summer.

What is your biggest travel mishap?

We’re constantly screwing up on the road; however, our biggest mishap by far was having our train derail en route from Bangkok to Chiang Mia while living in Thailand. Other than that we’ve had our shorts split in half, lost our wallets and many other kinds of things.

Please let us know if you have any more questions for us! Anything at all. It can be related to travel, life or just a comment about how weird we are 😉

Video Script:

Okay, so we’ve had this travel channel for over two years now and we’ve never actually sat down to answer your questions. I think we’re a little bit late to the game but I mean we keep getting the same questions over and over again, so we thought it was high time to do this.

Let’s do it.

How can you afford to travel?

One of the biggest ways we were able to save money was working as ESL teachers when we were in South Korea. That’s a pretty cool job because the pay is very high plus you get a free apartment and Korea isn’t all that expensive. We decided to just save like crazy and use that money for travel.

Yeah, we were really frugal while we were in Korea. I think our biggest expense was food. If you can believe that. Come on, do we like to eat?

Yeah, and then while we’ve been traveling over the last year and a half or two we’ve also been earning a little bit through blogging, freelance writing for a few different outlets and then just making YouTube videos.

A little bit from YouTube. It is growing though.

What’s it like teaching in South Korea?

So, teaching in Korea, I think it is a pretty cool job if you enjoy working with kids and you have a bit of experience dealing with them. I had worked as a tutor and camp counselor before, so I felt comfortable with children. But some of my coworkers had never been around kids before and just being thrown into the classroom with no experience. It was a little bit intimidating – especially because you do have the language barrier and it is supposed to be an English only environment. But when you get a little Kindie student who has never been exposed to English before that is a bit of a challenge. So I mean, come prepared to work hard but Korea will be fun.

Yeah, exactly and when we started teaching it was just literally we were thrown right into the classroom. Here you are, you’re now a teacher.

Once you get a handle of it you’re good.

What are some of your favorite destinations?

Okay, so our favorite places. That’s always a really hard one to answer because we’ve been to so many places and it is just hard to choose them.

And we like almost everywhere we go.

So, let’s pick three instead of one.

So in Southeast Asia I really enjoyed Vietnam just because the landscape is so diverse. I went trekking in Sapa, which was really cool, and then we took a tour of Ha Long Bay which was just amazing.

And then the food was delicious, so I really had a good time there. I really enjoyed our month in the country.

Then in the Middle East I really liked Jordan because we got to experience the desert, go camping with Bedouins and swimming in the Dead Sea. That was a lot of fun.

And then for Europe I’m going to choose Germany. I’ve been able to travel there a few times and I just think it is such a cool country. You’ve got castles everywhere and some much history, so those are my three.

And if I had to narrow it down to just three I would choose India, Turkey and Finland. I absolutely love India because I was getting a little bit tired of my travels and I went to India and it just blew my mind. Like there is just so much going on. It is just really hard to explain but my two months spent in India felt like five years spent traveling almost anywhere else around the world.

Now it is a bit strange that I chose Turkey because I only spent time in Istanbul but just with all of its history, Mosques, the amazing food – Turkish delight, baklava. I just fell in love with the place.

The reason I chose Finland is because it is the country that most reminds me of Canada. There is a lot of nature, it is peaceful and quiet and it is just somewhere I can really relax.

And of course how could I forget Salmiakki. I love that stuff.

Have you had many travel mishaps?

Well, I think we’ve had a few minor mishaps along the way. Things like machines eating our debit cards and Sam forgetting his wallet at a supermarket.

I have an uncanny ability to split my shorts too at the worst moments.

Yeah, but I think by far our worst travel mishap was when our train derailed in Thailand when we were traveling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. That was a pretty scary experience. We had no idea what was going on. It was like two in the morning when the carriages came off the tracks.

And it happened in a tunnel. It was just pitch black. And the funniest memory I have from all of that was one of the Thai attendants. She wasn’t really concerned about our safety or how we were doing. She was just running around trying to collect the beer money that hadn’t been paid.

Don’t you get sick eating street food?

Well, my friends, we’ve experienced our fair share of food poisoning over the years. I mean, I’ve been sick in Bolivia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cuba. How about you?

Well, I don’t feel like I get sick that often but when I have been sick surprisingly enough it has not been from street food.


It is restaurants.

Never, not even once. It has always been from a restaurant.

Going back to street food, I actually think it is quite safe because it is cooked right in front of you and it is usually made fresh. And if you see there is a high turnover rate then you’re getting food that hasn’t been sitting out for too long. K wouldn’t worry too much about street food.

Yeah, exactly. The key point is you want to go to somewhere that is busy and where you see a lineup. And also where you see locals eating. If there is just tourists eating there, well, you’re taking a bit of a risk.

Do you ever get tired of travel?

Yes, we most definitely do. I find that we go through these different cycles like every once in a while we’re just on full on backpacking mode and we’re just travelling from weeks or even months on end but eventually we get burnt out and we do need to have a base.

That is actually how we ended up in Chiang Mai, Thailand for three months last year and then we also did another month in Berlin where we stayed in a local neighborhood and enjoyed our apartment and just didn’t do much sightseeing.

So our criteria for choosing a base is really quite simple: we want somewhere that is affordable and that has awesome food. Really good restaurants and street food. That is all we really need.

How did you two meet?

Okay, so tell us the love story.

Okay, so we actually knew through from our travel blogs and then Audrey moved to Korea and I kind of offered to show her around.

And I guess we kind of hit it off and just started hanging out every weekend exploring Seoul, going out for food.

She was stalking me.

I was not. I totally was not.

And then we just ended up traveling together around SE Asia, then the Middle East, Europe and what do you know, we got married this summer.

Ring to prove it.

Now you’re stuck with me…hahaha

Okay, if you have any other burning questions you want to ask us just leave it in the comments below and we’ll try to do another Q&A video soon. Yeah, it can be related to anything – travel, life, how weird we are. Just anything you want to know.

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  • Ryan Biddulph says:

    Sam and Audrey very cool 😉

    You guys have seen quite a bit over the years.

    Ditto on food poisoning and the street food. I was freaking leveled by giardia in India and the culprit was likely a nice, trendy restaurant. As noted just check for hygenic conditions because when you see folks cleaning pots and pans on the ground while pigeons poop beside/in the cutlery and pots and pans (yes I DID see this in Chiang Mai) you are in trouble.

    Looking forward to more videos guys.

    Thanks for sharing and here’s to seeing you on the road!


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