VIDEO: Exploring Governors Island in New York City

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If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, Brooklyn and/or Queens heading to Governors Island in the summer is a great weekend escape in New York City. The 172-acre island is a family friendly spot where you can enjoy leisurely strolls, bicycle rides, street food and hammock time. Join us as we show you around!

Video Script:

So it is a beautiful Sunday here in New York City. And we decided to take the ferry over to Governors Island. It is less than half a mile from lower Manhattan. So here we are just enjoying nature, walking around and I think we’re going to go grab some food soon because, as usual, we’re hungry.

So right now we are visiting Castle Williams and over the years this place has been a fort, a prison and now a community center so it is pretty cool. They have some interactive art and music happening. So yeah, we’re just taking a little tour.

So far I’m really enjoying the relaxed vibe of this island. It is just so calm here. And there are these really neat things to do. Like there is a little flea market behind us.

We know where to go when there is a fork and a knife.

Alright, so we just hit up a little food truck. And we’ve got burritos and quesadillas. I don’t know what you’re having for lunch but my lunch looks awesome. Ha.

Alright, so I’m starting with the burrito.

Mmmm. That is quite nice. I’m starving so honestly anything would taste good right now.

Looks like we’ve got dessert over here. Yeah, so we were craving a little sweet treat after that lunch. Which was just okay., So over here we have organic apple cider ice cream sandwich donuts. Which is something I’ve never had before. It looks amazing. It is a little melty. I’ve never had that either. I’ve had homemade ice cream sandwiches. Doughnut form? How is that? Oh, yeah. Wow. That is amazing. A little messy. And it is melting fast because it is so hot out. So I’m just going to eat it.

So after stuffing our beaks, what do we do? Well, we found the hammock grove which is a lovely little spot with lots of hammocks where you can just hang out and digest your meal pretty much. Siesta time huh? Oh, yeah.

So right now we’re touring the Commanding Officer’s quarters. Let’s have a look.

So the home is empty now and all of the furniture has been removed but it has kind of been turned into a like a little art gallery. So you’ll notice that there are paintings on the walls but that is it. Everything else is bare. And I love how on this island you can just kind of walk into these homes and just like you know.

Yeah, they have big welcome flags so that you can just go in, have a look and see what the home was once like.

Alright, and that concludes our visit to Governors Island. It was just a short trip. Um, one of the things that we noticed was that the island is even smaller than what we expected. It is the kind of place that you can probably visit in two to three hours including a lunch time.

Exploring Governors Island in New York City

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