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When I reflect on things that I consider to be a once in a lifetime travel opportunity, few would be ahead of our helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Never have I had the opportunity to see such stunning rugged scenery from such a vantage point. Departing from the airport we flew over Las Vegas Strip, Lake Mead and The Hoover Dam before finally reaching the Grand Canyon. After landing we enjoyed some champagne with ample time to snap photos. It’s a tour we’ll never forget and it has really whetted our appetite to spend additional time exploring the Grand Canyon when we have the next opportunity.

Video Script:

One of the highlights of our three day weekend in Las Vegas was the opportunity to take a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon. Visiting this natural marvel is already a once in a lifetime experience but getting to see it from above the cherry on top. Every single person on that helicopter smiled the whole way there and back. Here are some of the views from that flight.

We just took a helicopter tour with Maverick Helicopters and we’ve just landed in the Grand Canyon. And you guys, it is so impressive.

So what did you think of the flight over? Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been in a helicopter. The last time I rode in one was when I was a child. And I just love them so much more than taking a plane. It is just a smoother experience and the helicopter is really versatile. It can zig and zag and go all over the place. Perfect for filming and perfect for views.

Were you a little scared considering it was your first ride? My hands were a little clammy from the experience but honestly it is amazing. Like, once you are up in the air and you get to see the landscape below you it is just so amazing. So I’m not scared anymore. The scenery is so distracting you kind of forget that you’re nervous. Yeah, and it just becomes a really peaceful experience being up in the air. So it was really cool.

So we’re fueling up, swapping seats and now it is time to head back to Las Vegas.

On the flight back we flew over the Vegas Strip for a bird’s eye view of the city. When the helicopter finally touched down we still had giant grins plastered on our faces. This is an experience that will be very hard to top.

Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas


  • Luke says:

    Wow, such incredible beauty. I have visited both the West and the South rim but seeing it from the air just gives it that extra dimension doesn’t it. Next time I visit I must go onto the canyon floor and I think this will completely transform how I see the Canyon, makes it look so much more real. In fact, I have commented previously that seeing it from the edge looks like a massive, incredible, postcard.

  • It sounds like a great experience. What’s the best time of the year and the day to fly over Grand Canyon? What do you recommend and why? Could you take photos from above there as well?

  • Mike says:

    I have been to the Grand Canyon but never down on the canyon floor, Samuel. OMG what a completely different, beautiful viewpoint! You have inspired me to take that Maverick Helicopter tour in the future – thank you! I love helicopters. Btw…awesome ball cap, Audrey šŸ™‚

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