VIDEO: Guilin at Night

A tour around Guilin, China at night including night markets, street food, pagodas and lakes 晚上桂林.

Video Script:

So we finally made it to Guilin. We’ve been waiting for things to cool down and now that it is evening we’re going to give you a little tour of the place.

So I’m not sure we want to be walking through that tunnel when it gets a bit later in the day because it is pretty dark in there and there are no lights. And people aren’t using their headlights.

When I was in Guilin two years ago this area right here used to all be traditional homes. One of my favorite restaurants was here. A really good Chinese restaurant. I used to love wandering around here. Now it’s just new development.

So this is the Guilin main square. It gets really busy here at night. Lots of shops, restaurants, eateries. You can do it all here.

Chinese singing.

So we are now at the lake and the main attraction are the these two pagodas that light up at night.

Oh, that mapo tofu looks so good. Really generous sized portion.
Mix it in with my rice a bit.
Please don’t be course.
Oh hot! Oh hot!
Too hot to handle?
It’s nice and spicy. Really flavorful. Fresh tofu.
What are you having over there? Over here I’ve got deep fried taro balls. And as you can see they have a generous amount of caramel sauce. Really sweet and delicious.
Really crunchy on the outside, moist and chewy on the inside. Really sweet. Delicious. It’s almost like a dessert.
Honking noises.
Well, that’s our first night in Guilin. I think we’re both ready to get some rest and tomorrow we’re going to visit some rice terraces, so we’ll make a video there.

Wandering around Guilin, China at night

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  • It’s amazing how quickly a place can change form one visit to the next. It’s exciting but at the same time sad that you can’t visit the places you remember. I’d really like to take a walk in the evening along that waterfront, it looks so pretty.

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