VIDEO: Ha Long Bay Cruise

This is a travel video that attempts to capture some of the magic we experienced while touring the emerald waters and Karst mountain islets of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam aboard a Vietnamese Junk Boat Cruise for two days.

The simply breathtaking scenery compares favorably to Guilin, China and Ko Phi Phi (James Bond Island), Thailand – two other places I’ve visited over the years. However, if I had to pick my favorite among the three I would without hesitation choose Ha Long Bay; it’s simply that stunning – even for a second time around.

It’s a special experience having the opportunity to tour around Ha Long Bay exploring caves, islands with sandy beaches and paddling around on a kayak. Our two day tour included our own private room on the boat along with all meals and activities; drinks were excluded.

It was Audrey’s first time staying overnight in a boat. One of the highlights was that we had our own private room; although it was cramped and quite tight in terms of space, we honestly just appreciated having air conditioning and a bed to ourselves.

When we shopped around Hanoi for a tour we were quoted a series of different prices; most of the prices were outrageously inflated. Luckily we stumbled across ET Pumpkin, a tour company my friend recommended which offered quality tours at affordable prices. We ended up paying only $65 each for our two day experience which we both thought offered fantastic value.

As much as we enjoyed all of the adventure activities, one of our favorite experiences was just sitting on top of the deck on a lounge chair reading a book and enjoying the scenery along the way. With such gorgeous scenery at our disposal and wind blowing in our faces, it felt refreshing to say the least.

For those traveling to Hanoi we highly recommend taking the time to do a tour. As we mentioned previously, it’s worth your time comparing prices and reviews of tours. For a once in a lifetime experience, it’s best to get it right.

Ha Long Bay has recently been named one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World and has twice been designated a UNESCO heritage site – honors we feel are well deserving.

Ha Long Bay literally translates to ‘descending dragon’ and for those wanting to experience its fiery ways we recommend a 2 to 3 day tour.

Ha Long Bay Cruise


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