VIDEO: Ha Long Bay Kayaking Adventure

This is our latest travel video where we paddle along scenic Ha Long Bay, Vietnam in our kayaks, as part of our adventure sports activities of our tour. Although we typically don’t engage in water sports, we decided to jump at the opportunity to go kayaking together for the first time.

In 2008, I did another Ha Long Bay tour as a solo backpacker and kayaking was part of the activities. We went as far as an island named after monkeys; if I recall correctly it was literally called ‘Monkey Island.’ The tour was largely unsupervised and it turned rather dangerous when one of the other kayaking teams smashed into our kayak cutting my rowing partner in the arm.

I was glad to see the 2013 version of our kayak tour was a lot more responsible and safe than the former.

Even though we had our initial reservations, this was honestly the highlight of our entire Ha Long Bay tour.

Although we’re both very inexperienced in terms of our kayaking skills, we enjoyed giving it our best shot. We had no problem keeping up with the rest of the kayaking team as we paddled around an area surrounded by gorgeous Karst limestone cliffs.

With breathtaking scenery at every angle we easily got distracted at times not even noticing boats quickly approaching our floating space.

At one point we noticed a certain section of a Karst having a small temple carved out of the bottom section which was rather fascinating.

All in all, the tour lasted for roughly an hour.

This activity was part of our tour and we didn’t have to pay any additional costs for our hour long adventure.

We recommend a two day tour so that you’ll have the opportunity to try this as well; it’s certainly not something to be missed.

Ha Long Bay Kayaking Adventure


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