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Did you ever get to eat cake for breakfast when you were a kid? Well, in the Netherlands, having cake for breakfast is not only for kids but adults as well. To do it the Dutch way grab two slices of bread (optionally toasted) and apply a copious amount of butter. You’re already finished step one. Now comes the fun part. Grab Hagelslag, a Dutch kind of sprinkles, and pour them all over your buttered bread like there is no tomorrow. The more the merrier. Now you’re ready for your first bite.

You can find hagelslag, we tried the De Ruijter brand, in various kinds of flavors including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, fantasy chocolate, fruit and anise seed. Try one, try them all. If you’ve got a bit of sweet tooth I promise you won’t just be having one slice šŸ˜‰

Video Script:

Good morning from chilly Amsterdam. It may be summer but today it is overcast and feeling a little bit rainy.

But we’re going to enjoy our first Dutch breakfast and we’ll be trying something called Hagelslag. And hopefully I’m pronouncing that correctly. Basically it is chocolate sprinkles on toast and it doesn’t sound like the healthiest of breakfasts but apparently it is really popular here. You can get all kinds of different flavors. So we’re going to be doing things the Dutch way.

Okay, so we’ve done the first step. We have buttered our bread. Technically you are supposed to use the white square bread. The pre-sliced one but this one is all we could find in the fridge. So yeah, it is kind of like a sliced loaf. Maybe a little healthier than Wonderbread. So next up we have to add sprinkles. And it looks like we got quite the selection over here.

So as you can see it comes in many different flavors. We have milk chocolate, we have dark chocolate and we have like some colored sprinkles.

And what I’ve found interesting upon research is that in order for something to be labeled as chocolate it has to have 35% cacao. If it doesn’t have 35% cacao then it has to be called as fantasy chocolate.

Here comes the fun part.

So I’m going with milk chocolate for mine. So let’s see if we can open this without making a mess.

Oh, maybe we will make a mess. Oh, my.

So now it is time for the exciting part. I finally get to try this. And I have to admit that I don’t get to eat chocolate sprinkles for breakfast too often unless I’m having cake. But I mean, that only happens a few times a year. So let’s dig in.

My bread is chewy. Oh, wow.

Could you get used to eating chocolate sprinkles for breakfast?

Oh, my gosh. I sure could. It tastes like icing. The combination of butter and sprinkles – just like icing.

So it almost feels like I’m having cake for breakfast. So I could definitely get used to this. The Dutch are doing it really well.

So now it is your turn. What flavor have you chosen? Well, I think I’m going to try the assorted one here.

Alright, I have a feeling I put like 10 times too much on here but oh well.

Let’s try it.

That is so sweet.

So good.

You are right. It is like having cake or some kind of dessert for breakfast. It reminds me when I was a kid on my birthday my Mom would let me pick out any breakfast cereal I wanted and I would always get the most unhealthiest one. Something with marshmallows or Count Dracula or something like that.

So you know, it is like being a kid all over again.

Seriously, that was amazing. Definitely not healthy but if you come to Amsterdam get yourself one of these boxes. You can find them anywhere. Just about any supermarket would have them.

Eating Hagelslag 'Dutch Sprinkles' for breakfast in Amsterdam


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