Happy Herb Pizza in Siem Reap, Cambodia

In our latest travel video we set off to satisfy our taste buds at Happy Herb Pizza in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Cambodian Pizza (known as ‘happy pizza’) was once infamous for its marijuana laced toppings; however, in recent years government crackdowns against drugs has more or less eliminated them from popular tourist areas.

Although we typically enjoy Khmer dishes such as Amok and Lok Lak, once in a while we have an absolute craving for western food.

When this happens we often head out for pizza; however, this time around we wouldn’t be having just any ‘normal’ pizza.

As we wandered in the downtown area of Siem Reap, Cambodia we spotted numerous pizza joints all clustered together in one area. Signs included:

Happy Herb Pizza

Ecstatic Pizza

Fun Time Pizza

With names like that I knew we’d be in for a good time. We ended up settling on ‘Happy Herb Pizza.’ to try one of these specialty Khmer pizzas.

As we sat down and flipped through the menu we spotted the signature pizza of the restaurant: “Special Happy Herb Pizza.”

Although we already knew in advance these pizzas were no longer as ‘happy’ as they once were in the past, we still had fun playing along and acting goofy on camera. Being ridiculous and outlandish are skills that are always at our disposal – high or not šŸ˜‰ The marijuana pizzas have been replaced by more ‘normal herbs’ one might find on a pizza.

After about 20 minutes a massive thin crust pizza loaded with gooey cheese and dotted with an assortment or herbs and vegetables lay right in front of us.

One of the true bargains – at all of these pizza parlors – is the 50 cent ‘happy hour’ beer.

We highly recommend trying one of these happy pizza parlors while visiting Siem Reap.

Eating Happy Herb Pizza in Siem Reap, Cambodia travel video

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