VIDEO: Hiking Ceahlău Massif #PriNeamt

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Easily the highlight of our time in Romania was having the privilege of hiking up the Carpathians (Ceahlău Massif Mountain) in Neamt County. Unfortunately, due to a persistent neck injury I was forced to linger behind while Audrey joined the rest of the blogging crew to ascend up the mountain. This challenging (yet rewarding) hike is well documented by Audrey as she huffs out of breath frequently during her speaking clips. Fortunately for all of us she takes ample time to capture all of the rugged beauty this mountain range has to offer.

Video Script:

So hello from Romania. I’m currently in Neamt County and we’re doing something a little bit different today because there is no Sam around. No, so we had signed up to do this hike and climb Ceahlău mountain in Ceahlău National Park but unfortunately Sam has hurt his neck so he had to stay back in the hotel and just get some rest. So today it is just you and me. And we are going hiking. And I’ve already been hiking for a few hours. And I’ve lost my group actually. I think I was going maybe a little bit too fast and everyone else has fallen behind. So I’ve been walking on my own for a few hours. I think I’m still on the right path. But yeah, it should be an interesting hike and hopefully we’ll get some nice views soon.

We are just forty-five minutes away from reaching the cabin on top of the mountain. Whew, let’s keep going.

Hey puppies. Puppies.

Are you cute? Wanna say hello?

Alright, so it took a bit longer than I was expecting but I finally made it to the top of the mountain and over in the background you can see the cabin. Well, it is more of a nice little guesthouse where we’re spending the night. And now let me show you the views because this place is spectacular.

Okay, so I’m still a little bit tired from this morning’s hike but it is time for sunset and apparently you get some really good views from a peak that is about forty five minutes away. So I’m hiking once again. Hopefully I’ll have wonderful sunset views to share once I get to the top.

Well good morning, it is now day two and we have officially finished our hike. We just finished coming down the mountain and that took about two and a half or three hours I would say and I’m going to show you where we came from. You can see it over there. It is maybe a little too bright. But anyways I’m walking down to the local bar now because they are expecting us with welcome drinks.

And off in the distance comes the husband. He looks like he’s recovered from his strained neck. Walking once again. Hey. Hey. How was the hike? It was good. Me with my gimpy back I couldn’t join. It’s too bad. Wonk. Wonk. Wonk. Did you enjoy the Jacuzzi? Yeah, and we actually did a little hiking nearby town too. So nothing like what you guys did though. We failed.

Hiking Ceahlău Massif in Neamt County

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