VIDEO: Hiking to a Korean Pagoda


As a fun weekend activity to get some much needed exercise we decided to hike through a small forest located on a hill that leads to a Korean Pagoda / Pavilion in the Dongbaek area of Yongin, South Korea (용인 – 동백 -한국탑).

It’s winter in Korea these days and there is still snow on the ground which you can clearly see in the video; however, during the afternoon it’s recently been reaching daytime highs above zero degrees Celsius which caused some of the snow to melt.

We’re so busy these days trying to juggle the two time full roles we pretend to seamlessly handle: teaching English and travel blogging

With time ticking down on our time in Korea, we’re scrambling to pack our belongings, send things home and finish our teaching commitments.

Feeling a bit stressed by it all we decided to go outside an enjoy a bit of fresh air and scenery.

Luckily, Audrey’s Korean neighborhood, although very much urban, has some wonderful parks nearby where you can pretend to escape it all.

As we set foot on a quest to find the Korean pagoda, we couldn’t believe we were nearly the only people out there.

Koreans, in general, are very much into exercising and whenever I’ve visited popular trails and/or mountains it’s often been insanely crowded.

Thus, on this particular day it was a welcome relief to practically be out on our own.

Once reaching the top of the hill we see the Korean Pagoda which is surrounded by a plethora of Korean exercise machines.

We take the time to try out a few of them which seem to all be unique from one another.

Finally, we take in the city views from the top of the Pagoda – a true escape from the hustle and bustle of traffic below. On the way back we decided to stop off for a waffle and coffee.

This particular coffee shop is our favorite place to work on our travel blogs.

Do you enjoy hiking? Even in winter? Please let me know about your experiences below in the comments section 🙂

Hiking in the snow to visit a Korean Pagoda located in Yongin, Korea

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