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If we had to narrow down our favorite experience in Meteora, Greece it would have to be hiking. Come join us as we hike the Holy Spirit Rock Trail where we visit caves, view monasteries off in the distance and reach the summit where we have amazing views down below.

Video Script:

Meteora’s monasteries may get all the attention, but if you look a bit closer at the landscape you’ll notice that it is dotted with caves – caves where men once dwelled! This is something that piqued our curiosity, so we devoted a whole morning to cave-hopping around the area.

So we have another fun day planned in Meteora. Today we’re going around and visiting caves. And now there is a lot of different caves. Earlier in the morning we visited some that were used kind of like to keep farm animals, sheep and goats because they were very accessible and at a lower level. And right now we’re visiting caves that were used by hermits and that means monks who wanted to be secluded and just live a very quiet simple life on their own.

So these monks in Meteora were extreme adventurers in my opinion. They wanted the caves that were really high up and could not be reached by others so that they could be in isolation on their own. So in order to reach these caves they would have literally had to scale using their hands the first time. And then use ropes and ladders to reach them later on.

The monks eventually built monasteries, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they were any easier to access. Reaching the top involved a lot of bravado and a whole lot of upper body strength.

Next up we’re going to be climbing the Holy Spirit Rock which is right behind us. This isn’t going to be rock climbing. Apparently there is a trail around the other side so let’s go follow our guide because he is already leaving without us.

In the afternoon we set our sights on the Holy Ghost Tower which sits in the middle of the valley. It was a good challenge and we were rewarded with some pretty breathtaking views from the top, but my favourite part was walking down the other side and coming face to face with a cave that once acted as a jail for monks!

We’ve been climbing up The Holy ghost tower and right now we’ve reached a little chapel inside a cave. So let’s go have a look.

360 views from the top.

This is our reward for climbing Holy Spirit Tower. Fresh pomegranate! Mmmm.

And it is delicious. So refreshing.

So right now we are standing at the mouth of what I’m calling the naught monks cave. This was basically like a jail so if a monk was misbehaving he would be sent here and they had fourteen different ledgers which were basically like prison cells where the monks would be placed in isolation. So let’s go inside and have a look.

Team Greece! Woo!

Hiking and exploring around Meteora, Greece

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